Fleet Managers can Reap the Benefits of GPS Tracking Equipment

May 26, 2023

gps tracking equipment

Using GPS tracking equipment, you can improve productivity efficiency and safety of your fleet of vehicles or assets. The obvious benefits are seen in reducing costs, fuel usage, engine idling and monitoring driver behaviour. But fleet vehicles are not the only assets managers and business owners need to track or monitor. They can be heavy equipment, earth movers, or generators, all vital to your business or service especially if they are located over large geographical areas. Let us look here at the various benefits of this GPS enabled fleet management system.

Visibility of asset and equipment in real-time:

GPS tracking equipment helps visibility to get the exact location of each asset, in real-time, be it cargo containers, trailers or railway wagons, to know if moving or idle during a planned journey. It can help in avoiding congestion, rerouting if necessary, to add a stop, scheduling preventive maintenance and informing ETA to customers.

Fleet managers get Insight:

GPS equipment tracking enables fleet managers get insights to generate custom reports for cost-saving. The system offers multiple readings from a single device. Managers can easily generate numerous custom reports, including mileage trends, cargo and fleet utilization, dwell and detention times, and much more. These reports help to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Response to Theft and unauthorised use:

It is a challenge to keep your equipment or assets secure and safe all the time. Using asset tracking software, companies can easily avoid the cost of replacing stolen or lost assets, in addition to avoiding the cost of downtime, which will affect operations and customer satisfaction. Equipment tracking not only deters theft but also increases visibility of assets which also lowers unauthorised usage or movement of assets against a predetermined plan.

Improved fuel usage:

Maximising fuel usage is a top priority for fleet managers and GPS tracking equipment with satellite tech, can help to save fuel by preventing idling, optimising routes and rerouting to avoid congestion.

Improved safety:

to reduce chances of breakdown, GPS tracking helps to pre schedule preventive maintenance servicing on time and at the nearest or most convenient point on a particular route. The system generates reports to alert drivers or operators who compromise safety on mileage and speed limits.

Reducing operating costs:

Reduce significantly operating costs with real-time visibility and better insights provided by the GPS tracking devices and software. Bill accurately for dwell and detention to maximise fuel usage and reduce time wastage and manpower.

Improve asset allocation:

Mobile Assets or heavy equipment located at different places can be found using the GPS tracking equipment with Geofencing and moved to the right location. Also, know the hours it has been used for making better asset allocation and utilization.

Inventory management:

GPS tracking software can help inventory control for equipment located anywhere. You can also store important details and information about your assets with automated data capture. At times of audit, all information is available. The data can be analysed instantly and generate automated reports and used for strategic decision-making.

Greater customer satisfaction:

With real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, you are able to manage customer expectations and provide notifications based on ETA or on unexpected delays, helping to build trust and customer relationships.

Trinetra Wireless uses telematics technology and Data Analytics to offer a reliable, scalable Fleet Management System and software. The application helps Fleet Managers easily track individual vehicles or assets. It can handle a mixed fleet, detecting all stops, routes, locations and non-compliance. Using GPS tech, the FMS software also helps in driver management too. The right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis is a worthwhile investment for fleet operators.

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