Reduce Costs & Emissions with Idle Time Reduction Using Telematics

Jun 07, 2023

Telematics reduce fleet idle time

Idle time is when vehicle’s engine is running but vehicle is not moving. This leads to increased fleet costs and emissions without any benefit to the business.  Addressing this issue requires tailored solutions as idle time varies. Encouraging drivers to turn off the engine during pre-inspection or paperwork can help if idle time occurs after deliveries or before leaving. Inefficient routes through congested areas during peak times indicate another problem.

Telematics helps reduce idle time

Fleet Management software offers insights on idle time, including engine parameters, vehicle location and driver activity, to help in reducing fuel costs by 15% and increasing productivity by 25%. Vehicle telematics alone reduces fuel costs by 7.5% and increases productivity by 10%, thanks to the reduction in idle time and resulting fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Idle time affects budgets, fuel consumption, and driver morale. As transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions are substantial, with light-duty and medium to heavy-duty vehicles accounting for the majority of this issue. GPS tracking through telematics enables real-time monitoring, driver behaviour analysis, and route optimization to address excessive idling and inefficient routes.

Impact of Excessive Idling

Compliance with idling laws is crucial, but voluntary efforts can be more impactful. Telematics not only saves fuel costs but also helps avoid penalties. Implementing telematics facilitates decision-making based on accurate data and in relation to the laws of the country with regard to emissions.

Software to reduce idling

Tips to reduce idle time include route optimization, driver education, AI-powered coaching, driver incentives, and investing in idle reduction technology. Fleet managers can analyze data to track improvements and make informed decisions. Contact Mix Telematics for customized solutions that improve fleet operations, save costs, reduce emissions, and enhance driver safety.

Ways to reduce Idle Time

Telematics software offer fleet managers insights into drivers’ behaviours and the understanding of idle time. Tips to save fuel costs include route optimization using telematics software that considers traffic patterns and customer locations. Educating drivers on the impacts of idling and utilizing dashcams for real-time feedback can discourage unnecessary idling and thus engine wear. Incentivizing drivers through leaderboards or recognition systems is an effective way. Understanding drivers’ habits allow informed decision-making. Telematics emphasizes the value of actionable data for lasting fleet improvements and easy tracking through its fleet monitoring software managed dashboard.

Trinetra Wireless is offering a host of clients a reliable, scalable Fleet Management System (FMS) and software. Using GPS tech, Fleet Managers can easily track individual vehicles or mobile assets, on the fleet management software that can manage a mixed fleet, detecting all stops, routes, locations and any non-compliance. It offers optimised route planning with fuel spend reduction and an efficient fuel management system too with telematics technology improves ROI. The software also helps in driver management and training. The right fleet management software supported by video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis is a worthy investment.

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