GPS tracking when integrated into transport management works wonders.

Oct 14, 2020

The GPS or Global Positioning system has found its way into many things, such as the smartphone, mobile devices, computers, even wearables, or embedded in the navigation system of vehicles. However, there are many specifics around it and how it works. The tech which has been around for some time is no longer solely used by the military or government, but has become a part of everyday personal and public life.

Telematics and GPS tech.

GPS tracking and devices have become common in cars and commercial vehicles and also transportation fleets. Thanks to telematics this system has become essential for enhancing fleet management. Telematics technology uses the near real time data from GPS which is obtained from vehicles tracking devices and from the vehicles OBD port, all connected via a wide wireless network.

Using GPS Tracking software

The GPS tracking software combines performance data got from the device and location data from the vehicle to analyse the operations in real-time in order to improve safety, productivity and fuel efficiency. The software interprets telematics data with vehicle tracking info, that’s overlaid on a map, to update it on the computer or mobile app, to offer complete visibility into fleet operations. The system can set up Geofencing to help monitor security aspects and location of vehicles.

Integrating GPS with Transportation.

By integrating GPS tracking with the overall logistics and transportation operations, it addresses and delivers real value to all stakeholders, be they the fleet owners/operators, drivers or end customers. Logistics management assists in planning and facilitating goods movement from point to point, as part of the supply chain management system.

Significant benefits include:

  • Better customer satisfaction by improving reliability and speed of deliveries.
  • Improved transparency highlights areas of discrepancy needing improvement or remedy.
  • Cost savings by better control over goods movement, inventory management, order processing.
  • Data sharing between systems reduces administration efforts and errors.
  • Overall visibility ads ability to shift schedules according to requirements.
  • Better management using data on goods shipped, its movement & directions with site/route maps.

Trinetra’s FMS software uses a telematics to efficiently monitor and track vehicles and other assets across large geographic areas mostly in real-time. Run on a web-based platform built for easy and remote access, it’s available to all stakeholders with rights. Empowered with a custom mobile app, the system offers multiple benefits to manage and streamline fleet operations and transportation both efficiently and economically in any sector.

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