How to save fuel costs and more using an integrated fleet management solution.

Nov 12, 2020

All those who are fleet operators, owners or managers know that fuel and usage costs make up a big part of the overall running costs of vehicles which affect ROI also. Discover here how to reduce fuel costs through a smart fleet management solution.

Reduce Idling Time. It is a fact that engine idling affects the fuel economy of any vehicle and for fleets it adds up collectively to fuel costs. The FMS can send alerts on idling time to drivers to help them avoid it.

Reduce mileage by route monitoring.  Monitor whether the vehicle is keeping to the route plan which is based on the shortest distance possible and other factors like traffic density, etc. Planning routes can make a 12% difference. A fleet management solution using data history will be able to identify the most effective rout for drivers and prevent misuse.

Locate nearest vehicle option. Use the software to locate the vehicle and assess the driver and according to geographical proximity allocate the task to save time and fuel.

Driving style/behaviour monitoring. Monitoring the driving style and driver behaviour not only is for safety but also help improve fuel economy. Correcting the driving habits can save costs.

Geofencing using telematics. A fleet management solution uses telematics to track and monitor vehicles and the software can offer Geofencing to keep on road vehicles within predetermined boundaries using maps and GPS triggered alerts to stop misuse and unwanted mileage.

Creating Vehicle Preventive Maintenance. Your fleet management solution is capable of using your collected data to create a maintenance or service schedule for preventive maintenance. It will greatly improve the uptime and efficiency of the fleets.

Explore fuel purchase options. Large operators can centrally base their fuel buying for cost benefits and small fleet owners can save by opting for a fuel card.

Other factors that positively contribute include:

Using Telematics and Driver Apps.

  • The FMS uses telematics to gather critical information and store data for analysis and insights.
  • Integrated with a custom mobile app it can help to manage the fleet and drivers in real-time.
  • Telematics help to obtain data to create awareness of where extra fuel is used up, such as hard braking or accelerating, or where it is saved, like stop idling of engine.
  • Using audio or visual alerts to point at poor practices sent directly to the driver cabin.

 The Choice of Vehicle. When purchasing or replacing vehicles, check the fuel efficiency figures provided by the OEM or by test reports and also consider the type of fuel suited for vehicle in your particular business.

Trinetra’s FMS software uses telematics to effectively monitor and track vehicles or fleet and other assets in real-time, over large territories. The system overlaid on a web-based platform, is developed for remote access, accessible to all stakeholders assigned to it. When integrated with a customised mobile app, the fleet management solution offers great features to manage and streamline fleet operations, to efficiently and economically manage a fleet business.

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