Improve Driver Performance & Productivity with Telematics

Mar 18, 2022

Improve Driver Performance & Productivity

The transport and logistics industry has been going through upheavals over the last few years and transporters or operators are seeking ways and means to economise and optimise operations to sustain growth and development. This industry has been an early adopter of new tech.

Advanced telematics and analytics adopted by fleet management software has the ability to transform the transportation and logistics industry. In fleet management, driver monitoring helps in controlling strategic risk based on critical parameters and indicators such as harsh braking, unauthorised vehicle usage, over-acceleration or speeding.

Fleet Management software enabled with advanced telematics gives you benefits

With the advent of GPS Technology fleet management has taken the next step into intelligent and remote fleet monitoring systems. Drivers too have been subject to monitoring and evaluation using this telematics technology. The evaluation is put on a driver score card. The performance of drivers is based on measurable driving metrics. Essential information here helps to understand how the driver is performing. Compare one to another to find compliance to safety protocols and schedules.

Helps to identify areas of improvement

Evaluating with the driver scorecard helps identify drivers with problem areas. Fleet operators can post monthly reports and help drivers self-assess to improve driving habits and set goals for progress. Driver training too can be provided based on this.

Generating Performance Reports

The success of analytics with telematics is seen in the generation of reports. They can be based on the KPIs for daily operations. Some of the common metrics on sudden braking, sudden acceleration, sharp turning, unnecessary idling and over speeding.

Monitoring Fuel Usage

Fuel stays a major cost to nearly all fleet businesses, regardless of the industry they serve or the fleet size they maintain. The metrics discussed earlier contribute to measuring fuel usage. Unwanted driving habits can lead to excessive fuel spend. Driver behaviour affects the fuel economy of vehicles and changing the driver habits with retraining can benefit the company with savings in fuel spend.

Monitor Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Bad driving habits and unsafe behaviour has a negative impact on your vehicle’s health besides the excessive fuel consumption. Harsh acceleration or braking, over-speeding and harsh cornering increases repair costs. safe driving helps minimise maintenance costs and benefits the fleet operator.

Better Cost Benefits & Safety

Data collected from the vehicle monitoring system, reflected on the driver’s score card, can be used to help drivers learn safe driving and behaviour which percolates into cost benefits and savings in terms of fuel, repairs and fines.

Safety comes first in transport and logistics and a productive team is important. Fleet managers and operators can proactively monitor and update the KPIs involved. here flexibility and agility is critical to help fleet owners modify their objectives and respond better to reports and metrics from monitoring. It can add to the competitive edge.

A software enabled with GPS tech, like the one Trinetra Wireless provides, will help track the fleet vehicle, unnecessary stoppages, reduce idling time and diversions as per the scheduled delivery route. Data generated by the system helps fleet managers to review, track, innovate and improve operations. Further supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data it enables safety, security and reliability. It helps those transporters taking up contracts to ship perishables, medical supplies and sensitive FMCG goods, meeting given specifications on the controlled environment for shipping.

To Conclude

Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable, reliable fleet management software with  telematics technology and Data Analytics. This software system has modules to monitor a supply chain and also a cold chain. It can be integrated with other systems used in your logistics or fleet business. The web-hosted system can analyse the data, to convert it into valuable and insightful information for fleet managers or reefer truck operators. The right fleet management software will effectively address inefficiencies, regulatory compliance and insurance costs. Identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly, and enable strategic decision-making for corrective action, problem solving and improving your ROI.

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