What metrics can measure the success of your fleet ?

Apr 8, 2022

fleet management performance metrics

If you have a fleet management software supporting your fleet business, then you will be handling a horde of data and metrics that are generated every day. It could be overwhelming and may not even benefit you sometimes. That’s why you should choose the metrics that really can measure your fleets success. There are a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should watch out for.

Measure Your Maintenance

Tracking your fleet’s scheduled versus the unscheduled maintenance is critical. This is because it will show how proactive you have been instead of reactive, in maintenance, and which affects your costs over a period of time. The FMS software is a great support here.

If you can have 60 to 70 percent of your maintenance schedule gets done, it means that you are on track with your preventive maintenance plan. This benchmark shows that you are bringing in the vehicles for service in time, as per schedule, for trouble-free extension of life. This will save you money in operations, which you may incur in unexpected breakdowns.

Measure Maintenance Cost per Kilometre

Another way to measure the success of your fleet is by maintenance cost per kilometre. The lesser you spend per kilometre on maintenance, the better performing is your fleet. Your fleet may not hit the best mark, but the closer you come the better for you. So, the metrics here are critical.

By knowing this cost you will know how it will affect your profit & loss statement and help you determine what changes to make and when. As the maintenance cost increases you get to know that the asset is too costly to keep. Thus, it can help you to decide on when to replace fleet vehicles, cost effectively.

Measure you Fuel Costs

Fuel is what keeps your fleet literally running and one of the major ongoing costs incurred for your fleet operation. Monitoring fuel costs helps you to manage expenses with the help of the centralised software application. Fuel efficiency involves, both in monitoring fuel consumption, as well as improving driver performance and route mapping.

Measure Safety & Driver Behaviour

One of the top priorities for a fleet manager is safety, just as costs and maintenance are. Setting the KPIs surrounding safety and driver behaviour helps you ensure safety of vehicles, drivers and public on the road. The number of incidents should be closest to zero as possible, but sometimes accidents are inevitable. Telematics helps fleet managers to monitor driver behaviour and can set the parameters to measure. Retraining drivers on safe driving habits and setting safety procedures can ensure safety to a great extent, besides preventing violations and fines.

To Conclude

Trinetra Wireless offers such a customisable, reliable FMS software with  telematics technology and Data Analytics. The software enabled with GPS tech will help you to track each fleet vehicle, unnecessary stoppages and idling time.  Prevent diversions  and keep to the planed delivery route. Supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data, the app ensures safety, security and reliability. Data generated here helps to review, track, innovate and improve operations. It helps those transporters taking up contracts to ship perishables, medical supplies and sensitive FMCG goods and in meeting given specifications on the controlled environment for shipping some products.

This software system has modules to monitor both a supply chain and a cold chain. It can be integrated with other systems used in your logistics or fleet business. The web-hosted system, accessible online, can analyse the data, to convert it into valuable and insightful information even for reefer truck operators. Choosing the right fleet management software will effectively address inefficiencies, regulatory compliance and insurance costs. Identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly, and enable strategic decision-making for corrective action, problem solving and improving your ROI.

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