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Aug 07, 2020

As technology and innovation advances, facilities and services get enhancement; thus fleet owners and operators too have gained as their fleet management system works overtime to resolve the issues arising, to improve performance and profitability. The evolution of the business model for fleet operations is leading to the adoption of intelligent systems. More companies are adopting IoT technologies to make comprehensive solutions to locate, track, monitor and manage fleets of vehicles.

There are opportunities awaiting you at the door and the logistics sector are ready to enter a smarter threshold of intelligent management systems. Trinetra FMS system can launch you into the smarter threshold with an IoT enabled system. It’s time you embarked on to the Intelligent Fleet Management system and here’s how you start your journey.

Starting your Intelligent FMS project.

Starting the intelligent FMS project, you desire on you own (as an operator) could be a daunting task. However, to integrate IoT into the project you will again need internal IoT expertise and resources. The expertise to build on top an enterprise grade and tested IoT platform that’s usable across the industry.

Adopt a built, customisable platform. This is where Trinetra’s Fleet Management System (FMS) comes in to help you out. First of all, you can easily customise and tailor the FMS software to meet your organisation’s needs and requirements. Another benefit is you are not tied down to a legacy system that is unable of adapting and changing to meet your fleet’s evolving requirements and shift in preferences. One other benefit is you can scale up operations easily and also access potential revenue lines by accessing any business data or performance metrics that you require for analysing or exploring possibilities as Trinetra offers both GPS hardware and software integration.

Outline Objective and Policy. Have a clear understanding of your objective and the reason to make the move to an intelligent system and identify the group of vehicles for it. Make up your policy with regard to the structure of the plan, the type of vehicles, its life cycle, the sector targeted.

Selection of Vehicle.  The selection of vehicle should be a data based decision making exercise to fulfil the requirements or meet the challenges. Selection is broadly based on factors like, life span (mileage), fuel consumption, service cost & schedule, repairs, replacements and maintenance. It can also be an optimal mix of vehicle types.

Make the Process. You need to set up the process required to achieve the desired results. The process can include the procedures for procuring and filling fuel, managing driver behaviour and choice, scheduling of shifts, maintenance or service calls, etc.

Two-way Communication Channels. Make sure you set up interactive communication channels and data streams needed, involving fleet managers, drivers, backend staff, for alerts & notifications, messages, feedback forms, complaints registry, monitoring parameters, etc.

Audit & Review. Once the policy is defined, consistently review the process, outcomes, data, reports and audit all accessible, collected information and data that will activate necessary responses, tweaks, actions and corrections. Define the key performance indicators (KRI) to extract insights for management using vindicated audit reports done periodically.

Incorporate IoT advantage. By incorporating the right IoT solution enterprises can streamline their operations, set up geo-fencing, remotely track their assets, get alerts and notifications and gain better visibility and insights all in real-time. thereby they increase uptime of vehicles, monitor temperature parameters, driving behaviour, optimise routes, reduce fuel and maintenance costs and get cost based savings.

Trinetra’s FMS software uses a telematics to effectively monitor and track vehicles and assets across geographies in real time. It works on a web-based platform built for easy and remote access to all stakeholders. Added with a customised mobile app, it accrues many benefits to helps run and streamline fleet operations economically in any industry ensuring a better ROI. You  can gather more info about Trinetra Wireless at our website:  (

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