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Fleet Management System

27 Jul 2020

Usually a standard fleet management solution with the basic FMS features offered to the logistics and transportation sector players, have detailed reports to identify and reduce the hidden costs and other expenses.

Trinetra Wireless provides specific add-ons in our FMS solution, depending on the industry you operate and pain points you like to address. Our fleet management software has Industry-specific solutions that are reliable, robust and intelligently developed or customized.

The extensive reporting options available through Trinetra’s FMS allows you to customize the data retrieval and also to obtain reports that suit the specifics you seek. For instance, Fleet Summary reports can be generated to analyze utilization across your fleet of vehicles, recording idle time, speed events, average journeys and so on. The reports generated from Trinetra’s fleet monitoring system can be set to be sent weekly by e-mail automatically, without any intervention by the user. The software application helps to proactively monitor the fleet to constantly identify ideas for improvements and for cost saving.

Analytical Reports.

Trinetra offers you a rich set of analytical reports. It can include the detailed history of driver and vehicle activities in real-time. You can obtain many comprehensive reports covering location, speed, stops, violations and much more Report generation can also be scheduled at varying times and previewed online or obtained via email. A summary on each report can also be exported as PDF, Excel or Word file.

Here are just a few of the different reports Trinetra offers to help you run an effective fleet:

  • Vehicle History Report– View activities of your vehicles’ paths of travel, travel directions and speeds. This report displays any inefficient or unauthorized routes travelled.
  • Detailed Activity Report– Details every update an asset made during a certain time period, to determine exactly where the asset was during a specific time.
  • Stop Detail Report– Records every vehicle’s stop along with duration, as well as trip time between stops, to verify time spent at each job and spot unauthorized stops.
  • Speed Report– See high speeds driven. You can enter whatever speed you’d like and see when and where it was exceeded.
  • Location Report– Specify a geo-fence, and get a report of all dates and times that the vehicle was in it. View entries and exits from geo-zones / landmarks along with duration within landmarks.
  • Notifications Report– Displays excessive speeding incidents, restricted zone entries, late start of day, early end of day, and after-hours vehicle activity in one report.
  • Engine Time Report– Review detailed engine hours by each unit each day.

 The FMS can use Geo-fencing to monitor and restrict ground movement of driver and vehicle. It provides reports with specific data to improver vehicle & driver’s performance and will also help improve customer satisfaction or relations. Our solutions uniquely developed can be utilized on fleets of all sizes and is apt for structured operators. Therefore, fleet owners who prefer to adopt a modern fleet management system, that’s GPS enabled can opt for Trinetra FMS which runs data management that’s enabled by telematics and mobile apps. It offers better insights for fleet managers and maintenance managers for making informed decisions on critical parameters to streamline operations and the budgets, to help cut costs and wastage besides improving the ROI. For your fleet management  needs, kindly contact us or browse our website for more information.

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