Use GPS Tracking for equipment and benefit by it

Feb 10, 2020

GPS Tracking Device

In a competitive market, new technology becomes important in growth and development. Thus we see telematics has come to play an important role in many sectors of industry and business. Telematics systems keep fleets of vehicles safe and efficient, improving efficiency and productive.

Fleet tracking devices are able to provide insights into driver behaviour, vehicle diagnostics and much more. The system can be adapted to your assets that are moved frequently. The GPS tracking system is the right solution. The device can prevent the theft of heavy equipment that are critical to your business or service.

Construction equipment can be protected with GPS tracking where even insurance won’t or even can’t. many other heavy or expensive equipment can be tracked. They include: Storage Tanks, Agricultural Machinery, Containers, Trailers, Earth Movers, Heavy Equipment, etc. Assets that are placed around, on a work site or warehouse are prone to be stolen or misused.


A GPS tracking device fixed on your asset, transmits information, or data, to your software, from which insightful reports can be drawn out. The tracking system uses satellite technology to identify real-time location, asset movement, improper use and other derived results for analysis. Asset managers can monitor the utilisation of assets in real-time.

Time based parameters help to calculate run-time or hours logged, as the case may be, nearly instantly. The system can generate alerts or notifications based on defined parameters or metrics, like over-usage or under-usage of assets. It helps in preventive maintenance and in service schedules. Equipment tracking gives the mangers more visibility on how they are being used or operated.

GPS tech improves efficiency & productivity. Although GPS tracking was used only for vehicles it has gained acceptance in many more industries. The software allows specific rules or limits to be set for assets, like areas of operation or hours permitted. Monitoring such parameters allows informed decision making for your business to improve productivity and ROI.

Reduce insurance costs. Insurance companies offer discounts for clients who don’t claim for damages, repairs or other reasons. The data generated from GPS tracking devices results in costs savings and reduced liability for accidents and compensation. It can help reduce casualty indirectly, via alerts or warnings.

Records and data storage. Asset managers will find the reports and records kept useful in analysis. The software helps to track productivity improve efficiency of operations and assets. Less time is spent in administration and decision-making, as everything is available instantly digitally.

Improve profitability. Timely and informed decision making reduces costs, saves time and improves efficiencies you can improve workflow, asset utilisation optimise time allocation reduce downtime, overtime and maintenance cost.  All this effective increases profit margins.

Trinetra FMS, a web-based fleet management software, with mobile app integration, can offer all the benefits mentioned above to improve your business or service. Find out more from our website – Submit an enquiry or ask for a demo here and we’ll happily respond to your request.

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