Efficient Work Order Management

Efficient Work Order Management

25 Dec 2015

Work Order Management: An interactive management system allows dispatchers and business owners to create, maintain and manage the vital data required for business development. With automated work order management system work orders can be viewed and shared across teams of field workers. This automated process increases visibility and let’s teams to know exactly what’s required to successfully execute and close the work order.

Trinetra industry leader in offering premium vehicle tracking solutions, widely known for its most accurate, comprehensive, feature-rich update’s which forms the bedrock for the various service providers. To add value to our vehicle tracking and fleet management features we have included Work Order Management, an interactive module that allows fleet owners to create, approve and close the work order. As an extension of fleet maintenance module, work order management allows the user to get the work done by the relevant stake holders.

Trinetra’s Work order management module allows users to generate the work order, approve the work order and close the same. Various department of the organization can be assigned to the different type of authority levels and entire history shall be taken out when required, Work orders can be shared and viewed by stake holders, this allows the user to have complete view on the service status and the organization impact by the services for the vehicles etc.

The feature-rich, work order system offered by Trinetra Wireless enhances the organization’s performances in generating a greater ROI. So no more time needs to be wasted on phone inquiries, writing sticky notes, or never-ending paperwork.

Keep your Customers happy by offering timely service with automated work orders, to know more in detail Contact us!!!

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