Playback Animation on Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application

Playback Animation On Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application

5 Jan 2016

Now we are in the age where our thinking is not possible without Smartphone’s, users are on the move as they’re using mobile application platforms to get their requirements at the time of need, and that’s the reason why mobile apps have become so crucial in today’s market. Likewise mobile apps for vehicle tracking have also become significant to know the real-time status of vehicles, exact location, travel history etc., on the go.

Trinetra wireless leading GPS vehicle tracking service provider, offers mobile apps for vehicle tracking to helps users, to know the real-time information about their vehicles. As a value-addition to our vehicle tracking mobile application, we recently integrated playback animation on vehicle tracking mobile app, this animation generates the history for a period and the generated history can be viewed as an animation in the Full-screen map. This allows the user to see the status of the vehicle’s trip made on the selected time span with the movement of the vehicle based on the location updates.

Playback controls like play, reset, stop and variation of speed on the play allow fleet owners to have the complete details about the progress made during the trip.

Trinetra’s smartphone apps give access to detail and instant information about fleet in real-time at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you need it. Get to know more about Trinetra Wireless and its mobile app features, Leave us an enquiry…

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