Positively identify and reduce the operation cost with SMR analysis

fleet management service maintenance repair analysis

19 Nov 2021

Service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs are one of key influencers in compiling total cost of ownership figures; with the help of the solution provided by Trinetra, it will allow to set reminders for each vehicle and the schedule for service when needed

We have seen the world economies in disruption over the last few years and the transport sector too has been badly hit by both the pandemic and rising oil prices. Stakeholders in the logistics and transport industry are always keen to reduce their cost of service and maintenance for each vehicle in their fleet.

Fleet owners aim to improve their productivity by optimizing operations by reducing fuel cost, and service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs, as they are key influencers in compiling the total cost of ownership.

With the help of the web-based Fleet Management System (FMS) solution, like the one provided by Trinetra, Fleet Managers, can achieve SMR analysis for cost effectiveness and the fleet monitoring software will also allow you to set reminders for each vehicle and schedule the service when needed for each type of vehicle.

Here’s why to go for a web-based Fleet Management Software

Trinetra’s fleet management software offers you real-time insights that helps in reducing the frequent cost incurred for maintenance, to help remain in regulatory compliance and improve operations.

The software enables instant alerts on all violations by the driver, such as extreme acceleration and braking or speed violations on road. Service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs are one of the key influencers in compiling total cost of ownership figures. But with the help of the FMS solution provided by Trinetra, it will allow you to set reminders for each vehicle and schedule the service when needed for best utilization of assets and cost saving.

Using the Trinetra Fleet Management System software helps in your approach to stand out against competitors The vehicle monitoring system helps to increase driver and fleet productivity with the help of GPS technology. The monitoring system helps to reduce unauthorized vehicle use, besides unauthorized stoppages. The vehicle tracking software helps to give accurate and faster ETAs for customers, thanks to the vehicle location data and other information in real-time. Fleet tracking software help in overcoming many problems related to safety and security, such unauthorized opening of doors or stoppages. It is enabled with cargo telemetry and also helps in re-routing when required to save time and money for the transport company, such as in the crucial last mile delivery.

Some of the advantages of the FMS software:

  • The solution provides real-time insights to assist informed decision-making
  • The automated software can get more jobs done in lesser time.
  • Maximized vehicle uptime by automated service scheduling
  • Stay in regulatory compliance, and improve overall operations
  • Instant alerts on all the violations can be set up via telemetry
  • Monitor the driver behavior and productivity with the software
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use by real-time monitoring
  • Accurate and faster ETAs for customers

Other Takeaways

  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40%, by quick updates and real-time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of the operation is improved by simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and by quick dispatch of vehicles
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17-30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on vehicle maintenance can boost vehicle life by 24%,

Trinetra’s net-based FMS software solution with mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech, gives insight they need to tackle operational challenges in present or future. The application helps users to work on-the-go and in real time. The FMS application empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to realize their full potential, to achieve goals, improve processes and cut costs. It helps in freeing up time, that can be spent on core tasks/planning. Automates many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules, streamlines workflow and scales up operations for growth. Surely Trinetra Wireless is your dependable technology partner in progress and success.

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