Improve efficiency and throughput with seamless connectivity of intelligent FMS system


15 Oct 2021

With integrated systems and telematics, fleet managers were able to take a more active stance to manage operations and reduce burdensome costs of fuel

The last few years has been disruptive for many businesses throughout the world. The transport and logistics industry too has been at the receiving end, but the recovery that has set in has to be sustained by fleet managers and business owners. The challenges and competition compels fleet operators to improve efficiency and throughput. This is possible with the help of an intelligent Fleet management system on a digital platform supported by seamless connectivity.

Telematics is critical in Fleet Management Software

Fleet management systems have integrated digital systems and telematics, like GPS tracking tech, to get the best solution for operators, in the past many years. Wireless tracking systems are deployed in fleet management today and play a crucial role in monitoring and tracking moving assets and in geo-fencing. Fleet tracking software help in overcoming many problems related to safety and security, besides offering other location-related applications to the industry

Major Benefits of an Intelligent Fleet Management System

Fleet intelligence is a technology that works beyond a normal vehicle location tracking system. The FMS software uses data to improve daily operations and applies data analytics to become the Thinking Machine for your fleet business. Fleet intelligence solutions like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless, helps to extend vehicle life. By using smart monitoring technologies to track the usage hours, driving habits, fuel spend and much more you can improve efficiency and throughput with the help of seamless wireless connectivity. Other benefits include:

  • The solution provides real-time insights to fleet managers to assist informed decision making
  • The automated software can help get more jobs done in lesser time.
  • Maximized vehicle uptime is realized by automated service scheduling
  • Stay in regulatory compliance, and improve your operations
  • Instant alerts on all the violations can be set up via the FMS software
  • Monitor the driver behavior, like extreme acceleration, breaking or speed violation
  • Increase driver and fleet productivity with the fleet monitoring software
  • Reduce unauthorized vehicle use by real-time monitoring
  • Accurate and faster ETAs for customers are achieved via the software

FMS controls fuel consumption and emissions with optimization

The FMS solution is intended to reduce Direct Operating Costs and uses an advanced cost calculator to maximize fuel efficiency and thus minimize emissions. With the optimization done, the software can bring significant improvements to fuel efficiency and achieve optimal performance of vehicles while meeting regulatory constraints.

Factors that contribute to optimization can be explained in the perspective of the FMS software. Tracking your fleet, planning delivery routes and controlling the timing of dispatch, all helps to control fuel consumption. The FMS software can also help in averting or sorting out invoicing issues with the data and reports available. With the help of GPS tech, the system can even recover lost or stolen vehicles.

Other Takeaways

  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40%, by quick updates and real-time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of the operation is improved by simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and by quick dispatch of vehicles
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17-30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on vehicle maintenance can boost vehicle life by 24%

We offer a web-based fleet management software solution with mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech for fleet operators and ambitious fleet managers. They get insight they need to counter operational challenges in the current or future trends. The web-based fleet management software helps users to work on-the-go and to monitor moving vehicles and other mobile assets in real time. Driver behaviour can be improved by training, motivation and incentives. FMS application empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to realize their full potential, achieve goals, improve processes, cut fuel, maintenance and other costs, besides freeing up time, that can be spent on core tasks and planning. Our FMS software can automate many tasks and processes, incorporating future-ready features and modules, to streamline workflow and scale up operations for growth. Trinetra Wireless is your dependable technology partner.

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