School bus tracking app that saves time of parents, improves safety & reduces clients’ fuel cost

school bus tracking app

16 Dec 2021

Trinetra’s FMS software allows better response to parents, reports the exact location of students & bus to parents, whenever necessary and monitors unauthorized trips.

The pandemic has caused disruption in school education system and made safety a priority for students commuting to and going from school campuses. Parents have safety as a priority in the new normal. School administrators are willingly adopting fleet monitoring systems for managing their buses plying on various routes to reach destinations for the students’ pick up / drop points and back to the school.

What is the focus on solving this problem for school administration now?

The post-pandemic scenario has changed many things in our lives. This technology/solution is GPS enabled and it will be able to increase student’s security. The application provided will ensure parents about the exact pick-up and drop-off times of the school buses, which saves them their valuable time.

The solution drives up efficiency of administration to provide better response to parents requests and expectations. The real-time monitoring system can help to provide the exact location of students and vehicles on a digital map to parents and thus increase your security procedure. The Remote Monitoring Solution triggers Instant alerts on all the violations by drivers, like extreme acceleration, breaking or speed violation, unauthorized stops, idling, or detour.

How Bus Trip Scheduling and Route Mapping is done easily.

School Transport Manager has to carefully schedule and route the school bus trips so that students are safely transported to their destinations on time. The vehicle tracking & fleet management system for educational institutions is hosted in the school administration system so that needs of the drivers also can be monitored and met easily.  Routes can be mapped conveniently based on the data collected from students and parents and other planned trips. The software allows the school authorities to easily review and schedule the next change of route. The manual effort and time taken for rerouting and rescheduling is practically eliminated. All factors across the routes can be monitored in real-time to effectively help risk management.

Some of the advantages of the FMS software school bus transportation:

  • Delays in Reporting to parents eliminated, and parents’ time can be saved
  • Real-time tracking and updates via the GPS enabled software
  • Aggressive driving can be avoided, with instant alerts on all the violations is set up via telemetry
  • Fuel spend will be reduced by avoiding unauthorized trips.
  • The solution provides real-time insights to assist informed decision-making
  • The automated software can get more tasks done in lesser time.
  • Maximum vehicle uptime by automated service scheduling and customized reports
  • Accurate ETAs for admin and Route Planning

A Customizable Transport Solution

Trinetra’s system is customizable for school transportation. It is an internet-based FMS software solution with mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech. It gives insights needed to tackle operational challenges in the present scenario or future. The application helps its users to work on-the-go and in real-time. The FMS application has empowered fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to realize their full potential, to achieve goals, improve processes and cut costs. It helps in freeing up time, that can be spent on core tasks/planning. The vehicle tracking software automates many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules, streamlines workflow and scales up operations. Remember, Trinetra Wireless is your dependable technology partner, with you in progress and in challenging times.

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