Elite fleet management software solution for car rental operator to keep full control over his vehicle


20 Sep 2021

Fleet management software system has potential of improving your rental business while offering better connectivity with your fleet. With its great set of tools, it increases your business’ reliability and security.

In very large crowded cities car ownership could be a headache besides being a financial strain also for the owner. This is the reason why taxi and car rental companies have become popular and successful by offering their services efficiently and economically. But the competition here is heating up with more entrants. The market is also seeing ride hailing aggregators like Uber, Ola and other startups entering the fray which has made things even more competitive. There’s also a concept of TaaS (Transport as a Service) coming up. So, car rental operators have to become more efficient and innovative to keep their business running profitably and attractive.

Impact of Software Tools for Fleet Management

A fleet management software can make a big difference to fleet operators’ business. These software tools help the fleet owners to run their business better, giving them more control over their vehicles and operations, namely in maintenance and scheduling, expenses and budgeting, fuel costs and management, vehicle inventory and utilization.

This digital technology offers valuable data insights into operating expenses and costs that can go unchecked otherwise. Fleet managers know that such metrics for efficiency and tracking are critical to profitability and scalability. Find more about the benefits of the fleet management software to run a car rental company successfully. This Fleet Management System (FMS) has potential of improving your rental business while offering better connectivity with your fleet, with its great set of tools, increasing your business’ reliability and security.

Vehicle Maintenance

Timely vehicle maintenance has many advantages for fleet owners. Fleets in good condition by proper scheduled maintenance can save you unnecessary expenses later. This also helps to avoid risks of accidents and breakdown or technical issues affecting the performance of the fleet. This also reflects on the safety, security and profitability of the rental vehicle in your business.

Improve Driver performance

With the FMS system in place and with GPS tech in support, fleet managers can monitor each individual vehicle and its driver via the software and its customizable features. GPS tracking system can monitor a lot of parameters regarding driver behaviour, like excessive idling or over speeding, including vehicle’s location on route map for any sort of non-compliance or irregularities.

Fuel Management

Another notable benefit of the software is in fuel management, to effectively curtail expenses. Unnecessary fuel spend and the fluctuating fuel prices can put your plans and forecast in jeopardy, affecting ROI. Preventive maintenance of your rental vehicles will surely save you money and downtime

Meeting Compliance and Regulations

The FMS software helps with compliance in not only maintenance and other areas but also helps to meet or comply to rules and regulations like taxes, insurance, safety standards, etc.

Customer support

Car rental companies have to service their customer with the help of website and mobile application to facilitate booking of the vehicle, tracking it and for feedback. The software supports the service with locating vehicles nearest to a customer, with hire rates and billing process, besides category and capacity utilization.

Other Advantages of an elite FMS software include:

  • Provides real-time insights that can help get more done in less time to improve your operations
  • Maximize vehicle uptime and to stay in regulatory compliance
  • Increases driver and fleet productivity with instant alerts on all violations by drivers, like extreme acceleration, braking or speed violation
  • Reduces unauthorized vehicle use via GPS tracking
  • Accurate and faster ETAs for customers
  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40% by quick updates and real-time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of operation improved by simplifying Scheduling and the quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing fleet can be cut by 17-30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life by 24%

To Conclude

Trinetra’s web-based fleet management software solution, uses mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech with. Car rental companies, fleet operators and fleet managers get the advantage and foresight they need to face current challenges and meet future trends. It helps them to work on-the-go and to monitor moving vehicles and other mobile assets.

With Trinetra Wireless as your technology partner, the FMS software can automate many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules to streamline workflow and scale up operations for a fleet operator’s growth. It empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to achieve their goals, improve processes, cut fuel, maintenance and other costs, besides freeing up time to be spent on core tasks.

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