Trinetra’s New Solution – The Addition of Wagon Tracking System

Rail Wagon Tracking System

21 Aug 2021

Solution to monitor movement and the temperature in the Rail Wagon with instant alerts.

Competition in the logistics sector is heating up as the economies get back to business. Transport Managers are constantly keeping a close track of their moving assets to keep operations optimized. Trinetra offers the solution necessary for providing reliable track-and-trace data with help of devices and GPS tech. Containers and refrigerated consignments can be tracked and monitored with this Asset Management System. Trinetra’s new solution to monitor movement and the temperature in the Rail Wagon with instant alerts is a new addition to the portfolio of products. Having years of expertise and experience in providing Fleet Management Software solutions, integrating modules, this is a natural addition to the list.

Advantages of Asset Monitoring and Tracking software

This solution provides automatic tracking with identification of moving wagons as an important task in the supply chain and asset management process. The system can monitor many of the important parameters like temperature, time and distance travelled. Additional features like opening and closing of doors, on route stoppages also can be monitored if required by sensors that can be attached to the container, cabin or consignment. The devices also have the ability to monitor temperature and would be helpful in checking temperature of air-conditioned cabins or refrigerated containers that are being moved over the railway system. A device is also enabled to send data periodically according to the set intervals throughout the journey. The Wagon Tracking System can also relay data about the location of the container or consignment against the route on a digital map using GPS technology. A Geofencing feature that triggers alerts which works on GPS tech can also be added as per requirements. Some of the features will also compliment in providing security and compliance that may be required to be followed. Monitor in real-time the movement of your assets and store data on their history. The software supports data-driven analytics to generate insightful reports. It can be integrated to existing systems like CRM.

To Conclude

A web-based asset tracking & management solution that uses GPS tech and mobile app integration can drive up better results. Trinetra’s customizable software automates many tasks and processes to streamline workflow. This helps managers to work on-the-go and electronically monitor moving assets. The software’s scalability also contributes for the operator’s success which incorporates future-ready features.

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  • Accelerate Your Payment Cycle by 40% by quick updates and real time data
  • Container dispatch and efficiency of operations can be improved by Simplifying Scheduling with centralized monitoring system
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the containers or consignments can be cut down
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the temperature settings can help the life of refrigerated products


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