Top benefits of Tyre Management Software Solution for your transport fleet

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18 Nov 2022

Fleet Managers have a challenging time to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness of their operations in the competitive market environment. Many aspects of fleet management are managed by software and dedicated applications currently, and adopted by many companies and enterprises for positive reasons.

Generally, tyres cost around 3% of the transporter fleet’s operating budget. This may seem to be a small amount overall, but remember every percentage counts when you’re looking for efficiency and improvements.

When you consider the ways that tyres can influence overall fleet performance, the costs can turn out to be greater. Two key areas where tyre condition can impact your business are in Productivity and in Fuel Consumption. The tyre management system assists transport managers and fleet operators to monitor and maintain all tyres involved in fleet operations and also tracking its life cycle.

You can go about your tyre management with resources that you have, which may be physical, human or a software tool. The opportunity lies in the ability to use your existing resources and the fleet management system which has a tool working on some sort of tyre management. The best way is to incorporate a tyre management application into your system. The tool can also be supported by a mobile application integrated with the software.

This tool will help you be more flexible and also assist you in correct cost analysis. The tool also can help in forecasting the cost easier. So, reduce downtime of your vehicles with tyre management software. Besides reducing vehicle maintenance costs, you also improve safety of your drivers, vehicles and goods. It also helps in saving time.

Some other benefits that can be added to tyre management are:

  • The tyre management tool offers an accurate picture of the status of tyres on individual vehicles and an entire fleet.
  • Better data and control for fleet managers and operators over tyre and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Increases accuracy overall of your fleet management system with accurate data, like scanning the tire code for the database, eliminates common errors and lapses.

The fleet management software from Trinetra Wireless is a future-ready software application, customizable for various transportation needs and can incorporate a tyre management tool. The system works as an internet-based Fleet Management software with mobile app integration, video telematics, using GPS and Geofencing technology.

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