History export and Nearing maintenance monitoring with Trinetra

History Export And Nearing Maintenance Monitoring With Trinetra

29 Apr 2016

Fleet management and Vehicle tracking solutions from Trinetra is designed in a way to deliver live and real-time tracking with accurate details about fleet vehicles.Our services and solution offerings solves bigger problems in smarter ways and deliver measurable business and operational benefits by providing complete visibility and control of mobile assets. Trinetra’ s intuitive and cost-effective Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provide fleet managers with visibility into vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and other insights into their vehicles enabling them to reduce operating costs as well as increase in revenue.

To meet the increasing level of demands and to add more value to our services that benefit our clients with updated features in vehicle tracking system,Trinetra enhanced its history export option with Map image along with data, allowing all new way to improve the visibility of fleet.

With this feature history data generated for any vehicle can now be exported with map in addition to the existing grid data. Data will be exported along with markers that have been plotted on the map, once history is generated Trinetra’ s enriched dashboard allow fleet owners to have a glance on the nearing maintenance of the fleet quickly and to maintain schedule. Nearing maintenance chart is made available in Dashboard as a value addition to the existing Fleet Maintenance module. This chart displays the data of vehicles with maintenance date nearing to the planned date as in Fleet Maintenance. This will be useful for planning maintenance accordingly for vehicles with higher nearing percentage. All these reports and data can be exported in PDF as well as Excel from Dashboard for easy usage.

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