Keep track of your drivers with Trinetra’s ideal geo-fencing feature.

26 May 2020

Large fleet-based companies with specific service area to serve, are benefited by keeping drivers inside the desired operating area. Fleet operating companies that have large-scale operations, but with specific service area, are benefited by modern fleet management system (FMS) which can keep drivers and their vehicles tracked, plus keep them within a defined area of operations It’s to ensure they don’t move outside of the area, because if they move out, it will cost you additional money in terms of fuel, time, maintenance, etc.

The FMS system with GPS technology can resort to Geo-fencing to monitor and restrict terrestrial movement of driver and vehicle. The FMS can provide you specific data to improve your driver’s performance and will also affect potentially customer satisfaction or relations.

Maintenance & Replacement Costs. Fleet operations involve high capital, running and maintenance costs. So, fleet companies and fleet owners tend to use fleet management to track vehicles, streamline operations, cut costs and expensive maintenance, to optimize routes, travel time and speeds.

Monitoring Driver Behaviour. By monitoring driver behaviour and their operations, fleet managers can benefit by reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Driving activities and style affect engine idling time, wear and tear of parts and even safety of all involved in the operations.

Fuel cost management. Fuel cost and its management forms a critical factor. So, all managers or fleet owners track and pay attention to kilometers logged on a daily basis to tweak efficiency and productivity.

Data Management. The FMS provides data management with the help of telematics and mobile apps to provide better insights for managers and for making informed decisions on maintenance procedures, to the benefit of the fleet operator.

Therefore, fleet owners and management professionals prefer to adopt a modern fleet management system, like that offered by Trinetra Wireless. The software solution works to streamline operations and budgets, will help cut costs and wastage plus eventually improve ROI.

The FMS solution contributes to developing fleet policy & best practices besides improving driver behavior & accountability. The system can cater to better customer relations and satisfaction. Whatever your fleet management  needs, kindly contact us or visit our website for more information.

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