Keep your vehicle healthy with advanced fleet management system

28 May 2020

Commercial vehicles and fleets need to be on the road & running for the maximum hours of its life cycle to maximize productivity. To keep the operations cost-effective and to maximize fleet utilization, downtime and breakdowns need to be minimized, if not zero. Therefore, preventive maintenance is key to make the difference in reducing the costs of operations and abate downtime or breakdowns.

Using Trinetra’s fleet management system will greatly streamline total fleet maintenance to keep your vehicles in a healthy and roadworthy state for long hauls and for an extended life span.

GPS enabled remote diagnosis. Trinetra’s FMS is GPS enabled and the system with the help of sensors and software applications can gather critical data that get analyzed to output critical reports that will guide management to streamline operations and maintenance tasks.

Preventive Maintenance Planning, The FMS solution with telematics will help in Preventive Maintenance Planning to keep vehicles performing at their best. The maximum utilization of vehicles is critical to ROI of any fleet business.

Building Fleet Maintenance Plan & Checklist. To get data inputs to measure all critical factors related to maintenance, you start building your fleet’s Maintenance Plan, factoring in all aspects of vehicle service, replacement parts, consumables, etc. One of the first steps is to build a Maintenance Checklist according to the vehicle model in operation, to cater to all service needs. It will be based on the OEM’s vehicle manuals.

The next task Is to build the vehicle database and the related inventory of parts. The next step is to plant the Service Schedule for each vehicle, according to the mileage, driver feedback and recommended periodic service by the OEM. The FMS software will schedule according to pending service events, differed inspections and recalls, to then consolidate the tasks at one point of service, in order to save time and labour costs.

The FMS solution not only improves productivity and efficiency of assets in the fleet business, it also supports fleet policy & best practices besides improving driver behavior & accountability. The system can cater to better customer relations and satisfaction. Whatever your fleet management  needs, kindly contact us or visit our website for more information.

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