Smart Solution for Fleet management helps Student monitoring and safety

22 Apr 2020

The advancement in telematics has benefited many sectors of business and industry today. The same advantageous technology has percolated to other sectors too, particularly to the school and education sectors. The tech that is used in fleet management has now benefited the school management and security of school bus fleets.

Trinetra Wireless provides a unique solution for managing the daily school bus operations. This system not only involves the school authorities and staff and the drivers, but also the students and parents, in a smart monitoring system.

The system is GPS enabled and the tracking device is installed in the school-buses to help track the activity of every vehicle. The GPS device and software is capable of gathering and assimilating all the data generated. This system caters to the safety and security concerns of the school students, parents and staff at the school or educational institution. Safety is a top priority of any such organisation.

Safety of students Monitored. The onboard devices cater to the safety issues of students, which is a prime concern for parents and school authorities. Data can be collected and processed in real-time basis for monitoring.

Parents with the help of a mobile app integrated with the system, get minute-by-minute updates on the whereabouts of the school buses and its young passengers, to monitor arrivals, departures and delays.

Information on over speeding, unnecessary delays and stops, harsh braking or acceleration, cornering and even detour from the assigned route can be viewed and recorded on-the-go.

The mobile app & alerts. The mobile application integrated with the system is a boon to parents who get reliable information of arrival, departure and whereabouts of any particular school bus. Authorities can keep a vigilant eye on vehicles and drivers at the wheel. This also relieves parents and guardians of anxiety about the safety and security of their wards.

The FMS and mobile app is capable of triggering alerts and notifications to relevant recipients. In case of emergencies or issues, this would result in quick response and remedial actions. Trinetra FMS also offers their GPS devices an installation certification with the school bus management system.

Commercial vehicle fleets involve high capital cost with significant running and maintenance costs. An FMS software and mobile app like the one provided and customized by Trinetra Wireless can significantly save time, money & other costs. For your fleet management needs contact us or visit our website for more information.

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