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14 Jun 2020

Large fleet operating companies generally possess a standard fleet management solution with the basic real-time location and the geofencing features with fleet maintenance module. Take the next step! Go beyond the basic FMS features to have in-built analytical and detailed reports generated to identify and reduce the hidden costs by providing specific add-ons in the solution, which is also dependent on your industry and the pain points you want to address and mitigate. Trinetra Wireless offers Industry-specific solutions that are reliable, robust and intelligently developed to maintain complete control over your fleet of vehicles

Fleet Tracking & monitoring. Fleet companies in transportation that perform large-scale operations, but with specific area to serve are benefited by FMS to keep drivers and their vehicles tracked, plus keep them within the defined area. It ensure vehicles don’t move out of the area, because if they do so, it will cost you more in terms of fuel, time, maintenance, etc. All managers like to track and count the kilometers logged on a daily basis to tune up operational efficiency and overall productivity of the fleet.

Our solutions are uniquely developed and can be utilized on fleets of all sizes and is suitable for structured companies. We help to proactively monitor the fleet to constantly identify ideas, improvements and cost savings opportunities. So, fleet operators and owners opt to use FMS to track vehicles, streamline operations, cut cost of expensive maintenance, to optimize routes & the travel time and limit speeds for safety.

Analytical Reports. Trinetra offers you a rich set of GPS Vehicle Tracking reports. It can include the detailed history of driver and vehicle activities in real-time. To improve your operations and reduce costs. you can obtain many comprehensive reports covering information on location, speed, stops, violations and much more The report generation can also be scheduled at varying time frequencies and be previewed online or received via email. A summary for each report is available and the report can also be exported as PDF, Excel or Word file.

The FMS system with GPS tech can recourse to Geo-fencing to monitor and restrict ground movement of driver and vehicle. The report can provide specific data to improve your vehicle & driver’s performance and will also help improve customer satisfaction or relations. The reports can also have info related to the maintenance of the vehicles and help with service schedules.

Therefore, fleet owners and management professionals prefer to adopt a modern fleet management system, GPS enabled, like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless. The system runs data management that’s enabled by telematics and mobile apps, to offer better insights for fleet managers and maintenance managers for making informed decisions on critical procedures, to the benefit of the fleet operator.

A reliable FMS software works for managers to streamline operations and their budgets, to help cut costs and wastage besides improving the ROI. Whatever your fleet management  needs, kindly contact us or go over our website for more information.

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