Key areas where Fleet Managers need to focus on to Improve Profitability

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17 Aug 2020

Every fleet manager is under immense pressure to achieve large returns without wasteful expenditure. For this to happen, investment in today’s technologies or systems is crucial. Digitalizing business functions will reduce manual monitoring of the fleet & drivers, instead enables fleet manager to shift their efforts into growing the business.

A centralized web-based GPS tracking system connects, and controls the vehicle operations through integrated Telematics solution. This Fleet Management Solutions comes with below listed features that assist fleet managers to manage right at their fingertips.

Digitalize Fleet Management Operations

As with any automation, to achieve significantly leverage the fleet management software that exclusively helps fleet managers to manage fleet & drivers from one central location. Digitization actually allows fleet managers to move away from some of the more manual data tasks and concentrate on making key strategic decisions that can have a lasting impact.

Take the stress out of Driver Management

Monitoring driver behavior increases driver safety and decreases vehicle wear & tear. Inefficient driving costs businesses money and so adopt digitization that facilitates with pre-emptive alerts on driver’s reckless vehicle handling. GPS tracking technology gives real -time insights regarding any of the vehicle in their fleet, as well enables fleet managers to plan for vehicle maintenance and thereby reduces the chance of breakdowns and potential accidents.

Data Insights boost business profitability

With digitization fleet managers can perform a variety of tasks faster, evaluate staff performance gain better visibility into how drivers use the company’s time, both on and off the job. It assists fleet managers to monitor asset utilization by time on job site. Further Fleet managers can know underutilized vehicles and make a note to make the most of available resources.


  • Going digital will help fleet managers to pay attention to streamline fleet management operations and improve driver efficiencies.
  • Man- power cost incurred to manage a fleet can be slashed by 30% as vehicle maintenance boost vehicle life time by24%.
  • Reviewing real time alerts on vehicle dispatch & arrival times to client location improves customer satisfaction

Fleet managers into logistics, supply chain, and transportation business have already stepped into digitalization and has benefited by managing their role better with this fleet management technology.

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