Take better control of your fleet by analyzing fuel consumption and poor driving habits affecting each vehicle.

21 Oct 2020

Fleet operators are in the constant lookout for tools to help fleets stay on schedule, to keep up with vehicle maintenance plans, by continually tracking assets and monitoring driver behavior for better efficiency and productivity of the business and assets. It is critical to invest in technologies and systems crucial for digitizing business activities in today’s competitive world that sometimes faces disruptive challenges.

From tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling the FMS software of Trinetra Wireless has everything needed to get more from your vehicles, drivers and teams. With the GPS tracking system integrated into telematics, it connects and controls the vehicles effectively. This FMS solution with a list of features assists managers or owners to manage fleets at their fingertips and direct their efforts effectively to grow the business.

Automate the Fleet Management System

By automating Fleet Management, via the FMS software, observe how it helps managers to monitor their fleet & drivers on-the-go from a remote (or centralized) location. Digitization helps managers to get off some of the daily manual data entry tasks helping them to focus on making key, strategic decisions that can have lasting impact on business.

 Managing Your Vehicle Fuel Consumption.

 Fuel is an important recurring cost factored, that has to be managed effectively for economic advantage. Some important points that need to focused upon are:

  • Reduce the Idling Time of the engine with automatically triggered alerts, as it adversely affects the fuel economy of any vehicle.
  • Reduce mileage by route monitoring to the keep the vehicle on the predetermined journey plan without deviation.
  • The software offers Geofencing to keep on-road vehicles within pre-set boundaries, using maps and GPS triggered alerts to check unwanted mileage.
  • Adhere to Preventive Maintenance based on data and follow a maintenance or service schedule.
  • Explore fuel purchase options for cost benefits and smaller fleet operators can save by opting a fuel card.

 Improving Driver Behavior & Management

  • Driving style/behaviour monitoring is also to improve fuel economy. So, correcting driving habits can save costs and improve vehicle life.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour increases driver safety and decreases vehicle wear & tear. Adopt the software that triggers pre-emptive alerts on driver’s irresponsible vehicle handling, such as sudden braking or acceleration, overspending, rash turning, etc.
  • Vehicke tracking technology (using GPS) gives real-time insight and helps in vehicle maintenance, thereby reduces chances of breakdowns and potential accidents.
  • With software fleet managers can perform a variety of tasks faster, evaluate staff performance and get visibility on how drivers use time.
  • Fleet managers can identify underutilized vehicles and drivers to make a the most of available resources.

Benefits derived from the FMS solution

  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40%, by quick updates and real time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of the operation can be improved by Simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17- 30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life time by 24%
  • Solution will greatly improve the uptime and efficiency of the fleets on road.


  • FMS software enables fleet managers to streamline fleet management operations, improve driver behavior and fuel efficiencies.
  • FMS reduces manpower costs in a fleet by 30%
  • Complying to vehicle maintenance schedule can boost vehicle life by 24%.
  • Monitoring in real time with alerts, on vehicle dispatch & arrival times to pre-determined location, improves customer satisfaction
  • Increased overall driver and fleet productivity
  • Reduces unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Accurate and faster ETAs for customers

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