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18 Feb 2020

The fleet management solution that can substantially save time and money or other costs for a company/operator running a variety of vehicles by remote monitoring of assets is surely worth the investment. The Key Performance Indicators derived are important to gauge the utilization of vehicles, their performance or well-being, and also that of the company (or operator) running the fleets of vehicles.

Trinetra Fleet Management Solution can handle, using its software, practically hundreds of vehicle all together. The software can provide you useful insights for better utilization of the vehicles. By segregating vehicles based on the requirement, allocating the personnel for it and monitoring vehicles in an organized way, Trinetra will enable you to manage your fleets easily and effectively, improving on your ROI. The fleets need not be homogenous and can be of different types, be it for transporting passengers or for consignments. Trintera’s GPS enabled FMS can further enhance your vehicle monitoring with the help of geo tracking and geo-fencing, as per the requirements of the business or service.

Driver Behaviour & Management. Monitoring the driver behaviour is important for large fleets as the Fleet  Managers can detect fatigue or bad driving habits that could lead to safety issues. Managers can arrange for tutorials or training sessions that help to support preventive measures and increase the awareness for them of the GPS tracking system and other such sensory and telematics system that are capable of recording various activity. Inventory managed too can be tracked with this system, to detect and prevent misuse or theft of the assets.

Fleet Management Platform. The web-based telematics fleet management platform for vehicles on field and on-road is a reliable system and highly customizable to the needs and requirements of clients. The platform has functionalities that enable Fleet Mangers to optimize vehicle utilization and fleet efficiency.

Real-time mapping. The geo-tracking facility can be integrated with maps in real-time for insights based on the country, state or region of operation for a particular vehicle or fleet and on its activity or position.

Idling Time. Idle time management allows managers to monitor vehicles in and state of activity or idling, to enable informative reporting that can be analyzed to improve efficiency and save costs, expenses and waste.

Mobile App. Trinetra also uses industry leading mobile technologies to integrate a mobile app with the fleet management software. The intuitive mobile application helps the drivers and employees on-the-move to coordinate with fleet owners and manager via wireless communication channels or networks. The app works on both iOS and Android mobile phones.

Tracking and analysis. The combination of software and hardware in vehicles delivers better performance, cost efficiency and control to managers. The software’s dashboard is used to visualize data obtained from GPS, real-time tracking, fuel monitoring, route mapping, engine diagnostics and alerts.

Future Expansion. The fleet management solution will enable managers to optimise transport and logistics operations with ease and efficiency which also gives scope for scaling up operations and expansion of the fleets.

Trinetra Wireless, has been working for long in the space for integration, IoT, mobility and data management. It is part of an agile software development and services provider with proven expertise and a large clientele across many countries.

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