Trinetra increases its implementation base in Educational Sectors

Trinetra Increases Its Implementation Base In Educational Sectors

25 Jan 2016

Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System, is a one-stop solution that provides efficient GPS tracking for a wide range of sectors like Transportation and logistics, Educational institutions, BPO/IT/ITES, Health care, Oil & gas, Waste management etc. Our GPS based tracking solutions with innovative technology enable fleet managers to remotely track or monitor vehicles real-time location with various parameters at any given point of time.

In addition to the vehicle tracking solutions, Trinetra provides specialized solution such as RFID Integration, head count notification , Monitoring entry and exit of every student / unauthorized personnel usage of vehicle anywhere, anytime and many other exclusive features for school bus tracking. Today Education sector has become one of the major industries where tracking of vehicle is essential to ensure the safety of the students.

Trinetra helps educational institutions to plan alerts, set destination route, get customized reports for specified date and time etc., and contributes its part towards the education industry by providing variable modules to accommodate all the requests by educational institution.

Trinetra is happy to share the number of devices supplied to the education sector has increased over the last few months due purely due to the features set & the service factors. Approach us, we will understand your requirements and devise the right solutions for your school bus tracking solutions that benefits school management as well as parents/guardians. Enjoy the technology and by making use of Trinetra as a gateway to the new era. To know more in detail Contact us

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