In-Cabin driver alerts reduce violations and fuel cost in fleet management system

14 Feb 2019

Trinetra Wireless offers, through its GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), an efficient, helpful, web-based solution to constantly maximize fleet performance and security. Fleet owners and managers aim to keep operations safe, cost-effective and efficient, by monitoring and managing a number of features in the FMS system.

One of it is driver management, that includes in it driver behviour, vehicle utilisation and safety factors. Cost of operations are affected by traffic violation and fuel costs too. Both of which can be reduced and monitored with the help of an efficient GPS enabled Fleet Management System. Fleet operations that are usually affected by scheduling and route optimization which are helped by alerts and notifications generated by the FMS software.

The GPS Tracking and monitoring software is capable of checking the driver’s behaviour, by monitoring on road vehicle speed, idling time/fuel wastage, harsh braking and acceleration and other factors. All of these elements when supervised, lead to better driver behaviour and better of vehicle utilization.

Operating costs are adversely affected, as administrators have observed, by accidents, traffic violation fines, higher fuel consumption, harsh driving that also are affecting safety and security of moving assets, including passengers and consignments being transported. The fleet management software can be automated and also generate messages to mobile phones. In-cabin driver alert, like a buzzer, can be triggered by administrator in case of excessive speeding or idling, harsh driving, non-compliance or for other valid reasons.

Unique advantages of the GPS enabled FMS:

  • Provides accurate speed information; can generate alerts via text messages or email, if exceeding speed limits set.
  • Give accurate real-time location information and tracking, even if vehicle is stolen.
  • Provides accurate driver behaviour / activity inputs, to be acted upon.
  • Assists drivers in finding the right route and destination with digital mapping.
  • Helps in reducing work related risks and injury by Driver Fatigue & Accident Management.
  • Helps in performance evaluation and incentives for productivity.
  • Helps in vehicle related paperwork, such as driver’s license expiry date.
  • Uses RFID card for driver identification and track punches to record driver utilisation.


Trinetra Wireless Fleet Management Solution is customizable, scalable and future ready. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

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