Trinetra enhances geozone feature with Circular geozone

Trinetra enhances geozone feature with Circular geozone

23 May 2015

In today’s day and age GPS vehicle tracking systems were commonly used to track the vehicle location with web based tracking application. GPS tracking will be the best solution for fleet operators to know about their vehicle functions and for various purposes starting from get to know vehicle whereabouts and even preventing from theft activities.

Trinetra wireless Industry leader in GPS tracking system will be the best suite for all kind of fleet vehicles, our advanced and world-class fleet tracking systems will allow businesses to unlock fleets’ true potential, while increasing vehicle productivity, reducing on the road operating costs and improving customer service. We have recently incorporated and enhanced one of our salient features Geozone,in general Geozone feature is provided to define areas to be covered in travel by the fleet vehicle, also this feature notifies when a vehicle enters or leaves the located area. Geozone are pins on the map that allow sending automatically triggered push notifications at the right moment when a user enters the specified area on the map.

In addition to our existing polygon and rectangle geozone we have added the feature of circular geozone. With this feature fleet owners will be notified by placing the point on the map and whenever the vehicle hits the circle. Circular geozone will be helpful for knowing the exact locations and gives alerts when the vehicle enters into the certain pre-defined radius of the zone.

Now you can keep a track of your vehicle & avoid it going out of your pre-defined area with Circular geozone, get to know more give us an enquiry…

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