Trinetra is now spreading its wings into the telecom sector too.

Fleet Management software for Telecom Industry

16 Dec 2019

Trinetra Wireless works often with multiple large integrators on many use cases and as an agile, fast growing software development and services company in expansion, we have entered into the telecommunications sector. Trinetra is working in the space for integration, mobility, cloud, data management and IoT enabled solutions. We are now focusing on telecommunication with solutions like that of monitoring battery health of installations in remote locations and in crisis management using wireless communication technology.

When buying software usually customers choose to buy only the component that they need for that purpose at that time. Off-the-shelf packages are usually preferred. This approach could be a cheaper or may seem profitable in the beginning, but could be later counterproductive. System integration is what is really needed as it better using most of your own tools and your systems.

The domain specific solution demanded constant remote monitoring of certain parameters in real-time. It needs location-based data for identifying discrepancies and faults in advance or in a crisis. Intelligent data analysis is what is needed for quick decision-making. These pain points are addressed by Trinetra wireless device to fetch the data and Platform enabled solutions in mobile telecommunication sector. We also provide customize solutions for the various needs of clients from different sectors and are deployed both in the domestic and international markets.

As an IT company we already offer best-in-class web and mobile applications, which are Trinetra iWay – field force management solution and Trinetra Wireless — fleet management solution (FMS). These are two proven products that offer better productivity and better security for the assets besides a host of benefits to users. Most of Trinetra’s products can be integrated with a dedicated mobile app that will support the solution.

Trinetra in the business for over 8 years, has gained and proven domain expertise. Our service offerings include – Consulting and solution development, intelligent platforms, connected devices, vertical applications, system integration and support services. Learn more about Trinetra’s industry leading mobile and web-based software by visiting Trinetra Wireless website.

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