Reduce the operational costs of your fleet with better driver behaviour management.

Driver Behaviour Management

23 Nov 2019

A key feature of fleet management is monitoring driver behaviour. Trinetra has features to monitor and identify driver behaviour of any specific manned vehicle in a fleet, through the GPS enabled fleet management software. The system has multiple alerts and reports to support decision-making via the driver management system. It is possible to educate the driver based on these reports and alerts, to properly utilize the vehicles on-road and ensure safety of both vehicle and driver.

A better understanding of the driver behaviour and how they utilize the vehicles on a day-to-day basis, helps in decision-makers plan for both choosing vehicle and driver training. This leads to better and safer utilization of vehicles, which in turn will positively affect the costs of maintenance. By using Trinetra’s elaborate fleet management solution that includes a deriver management module, any fleet manager can face the challenges that prevent efforts to maximize performance, increase efficiency and the profitability of the fleet business. Managers take steps to minimize risks and reward the good drivers to encourage effective improvement. Trinetra’s software solution integrates a GPS tracking system and route optimization feature and is supported by mobile app option to help the fleet operator to improve efficiency and cut maintenance and fuel costs. Learn more about Trinetra’s products and software with integrated mobile app support as per client’s requirement. A visit to the Trinetra Wireless website will provide more information.

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