Use fleet data to streamline your Waste Management process

Waste Management GPS Fleet Tracking

16 Jan 2023

When you are operating a fleet of specialised mobile assets for waste management and garbage trucks, it is important to closely monitor all assets and vehicles deployed in the business operation. This is where a fleet management solution can help to secure you entire portfolio for real-time visibility and to control all aspects of operations. The software uses all the data generated to analyse each aspect of your waste management & garbage truck tracking process.

Minimise Fleet Downtime with Data

Waste management is a vital part of the state’s infrastructure and assets put into use for this task are wanted on duty continuously. It is important to reduce downtime of assets or vehicles to the minimum. Streamline and automate reminders and notifications to not miss any maintenance or service scheduled based on data gathered from the Fleet Management System.

Compliance Friendly Application

Keep up with regulatory mandates with the data om the software which can store the necessary documents and trigger automated reminders. It helps keep documents and licenses up-to-date for vehicles, drivers, and staff involved in the operations, such as in waste management. Updated data helps to schedule maintenance and inspections supported with automated reminders. Create and view your KPIs on the online dashboard and update events in real-time.

GPS Tracking Solution

The Fleet Management tracking solution helps in inspections and registering reports using a mobile app directly to access the web-based software. You can enter descriptions and documents, as well as raise any issue to ensure maximum uptime.

Stay in control of your assets, moving or fixed, garbage truck or collection bins, by using the GPS asset tracking enabled tool to capture, transfer and interpret relevant data. See opportunities to reduce costs with KPI tracking and automated notifications.

You can customise the FMS application to your specific needs. Using the fleet management software route planning and route optimisation can be done quickly for efficiency and fuel cost savings, using data analysis.

Challenges in Waste Management

Waste management is not just collecting garbage, it involves a process of control, selection, distribution of assets like garbage bins and vehicles. One big challenge of waste management managers is to identify and empty the trash containers as per requirements but cost effectively. Data-driven applications solve such related problems. IoT enabled sensors that help to locate and identify the assets and continuously monitor the process are deployed in the system. The data collected by connected devices for the process can generate useful insights into operations involved, to help plan more efficient and cost-effective strategies.

The fleet management system (FMS) offered by Trinetra Wireless is a future-ready software application serving many industries, like logistics companies. The application can be customizable for various needs, like supply chain and last mile deliveries. Real-time monitoring, data analytics, result in insightful reports. This software is an internet-based application with mobile app integration and video telematics, by using GPS and Geofencing technologies.

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