Easily streamline your garbage management processes with the right fleet management software

garbage vehicle tracking system

25 Feb 2023

If you are in the garbage management business of operating a fleet of garbage trucks and road sweepers for garbage management contracts, it is important to closely monitor all vehicles deployed in operation to ensure efficiency and productivity. For better results, a fleet management system can secure your entire portfolio of vehicles and equipment for you.

This software system offers real-time visibility and features to monitor and control many aspects of your operations. The fleet management software is capable of capturing and interpreting data generated daily to analyse each aspect of your garbage management process. You can utilise your assets better and see opportunities to reduce costs with the FMS software.

Better control with a management tool

The fleet management software is a tool that can be easily customised to suit your specific needs by capturing data from external applications or by planning tasks for different user levels as per requirements of the project. The FMS software is capable of setting up and triggering automated alerts and notifications for service and maintenance tasks. With mobile app integration inspection and reports can be done on the field to support the operations. Data entry and supporting documents can be added easily in real time with connectivity via wireless networks. The FMS software minimises the risk of downtime and improves overall efficiency of mobile assets.

Easier integration and compliance

The fleet management software connects directly with the apps, system and personnel to improve performance and reduce costs on a continual basis. Your users can report can easily report defects, lapses or non-compliance, even when on the go.

With the help of this GPS enabled fleet tracking app you can also stay on top of regulatory requirements. Documents can be stored and retrieved digitally with convenience to stay compliant. Keep driver information update and at hand on the web-based application. To be informed you can create KPIs on your dashboard. Ensure driver behaviour with the help of the fleet monitoring system to help compliance in every task.

The fleet management system (FMS) offered by Trinetra Wireless is such a king of software that is future-ready and already serving many industries and companies in logistics. This software application can be customizable for various needs, like supply chain and last mile deliveries. The FMS offers real-time monitoring, data analytics, result in insightful reports for fleet managers. This system is an internet-based application with mobile app integration and video telematics, It also uses GPS and Geofencing technologies for the benefit of solid garbage management

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