The ways data driven Fleet Management System with insightful Reports can drive your success

June 28, 2021

Data-driven Fleet Management System with insightful Reports

Modern web-based digital fleet management systems come with GPS support, mobile app and dash-cam integration, providing inputs in real-time to be analysed and generate insightful reports.

The rapid digital transformation happening all around our lives, especially in business and industries, has resulted in a massive avalanche of data being generated, distributed or exchanged. Capturing, analysing and utilising this data is crucial for decision-making and planning. For Fleet Management Systems (FMS) too this rule applies, as most FMS are now software empowered. Data-driven FMS offer remarkable support to Fleet Managers and operators, helping them to identify and rectify problem areas and thus save money, time and other resources. Let us see the ways an FMS software can drive your success.

1) Eliminate Ambiguity

When using an FMS software, you will not be in doubt or guessing while deciding, as you are provided evidence/proof with data analytics and data insights. All this analysis will help you generate useful Reports to optimise the day-to-day operations of your fleet or assets, help you do more informed decision-making with data visibility in real-time.

2) Insightful Reports

While the FMS software provides data analytics and customisation, the reports generated will offer a great number of benefits. Managers and owners will get a clearer picture of their company’s operations with the help of advanced tools, technologies like GPS, bespoke reports and various features on the app. Easily keep track of your assets, your inventories and day-to-day operations in real-time, besides controlling costs and expenditures consistently.

Web-based Application

Fleet Management software are often web-based applications that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided there’s connectivity. All the data is secured on a cloud-server that employees with credentials, from different geographical locations, can access simultaneously. They collaborate, exchange or share data to help obtain insightful reports. The software has scalability to support your growth, can be customised as per requirements of the customers and is also mobile app supported.

Supports Compliance and Safety

The FMS software helps you to manage your assets efficiently to improve productivity. It ensures compliance with regulations and safety norms, with accountability built into the system. It can help to track a lot of parameters regarding driver performance, maintenance schedules, fuel management and others. The software can also, with the help of video telematics, help in investigation, correct driver behaviour and in their training for improving efficiency and ROI for the company.

As it easily integrates with existing Systems, the software can be customised to support all your data-drive tasks and pool them in the best possible way to help you increase operational effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, accountability, compliance and minimise risks associated with the fleet business.

Concluding Note

The FMS software offered by Trinetra Wireless too can be integrated with other systems you are using in your fleet business. By means of telematics technology and Data Analytics, the software can as simulate and analyse the cache of data to make it more relevant, valuable and insightful to fleet managers. Select the right FMS software which is scalable and promptly handles operational inefficiencies. Easily identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly. Address such issues effectively and ensure strategic decision-making to reach high levels of efficiency.

If required we can arrange for a ‘Demo to anyone interested person or for managers to assess our FMS software. Please contact our BD team as soon as possible to start a partnership of mutual gain.

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