Transform your fleet management with data insights and innovative software

July 2, 2021

Transform your fleet management with data insights and innovative software

Fleet managers get better control over vehicles and drivers with a digital fleet management system having GPS support, mobile app integration and dash-cam inputs in real time to transform their fleet business.

Fleet managers and owners are limping back to anew normal, after facing disruption and unexpected challenges in the past year or more. Most businesses are making a digital transformation, if not already enabled in the digital space. Installing a digital fleet management system(FMS) provides a holistic view to managers of fleets and transporters critical for good management.

By going digital, a lot of data can be generated by various processes, sensors and devices that are integrated into the FMS system. Integration allows scalability and adding on of features. The data when analysed and processed, can yield in real-time insightful data and reports to help managers or owners make critical decisions, or corrective actions, to improve the business. This could be in the area of fuel spend or maintenance or any other. The software empowers the managers or operators to get better control, reduce administrative tasks, automate processes, reduce costs and cut downtime of vehicles.

Software to Overcome the Challenges.

Proactive management of drivers can be made better by using the web-based FMS software to meet challenges. The software can help your fleet to be right sized to obtain the best ROI from the business. Optimising the vehicle utilisation can be done with the analytics built into the system. It helps managers get the insight they need to smartly deploy the fleet of vehicles and its drivers for productivity.

Compliance is another challenge which is critical to the operating of fleets. Documentation required by the operator can be digitised for better, easy management. The system facilitates timely inspection, triggers service calls, maintenance schedules, related documentation, data updates, all to ensure compliance. It helps in insurance, driver management, fuel management and road-worthiness monitoring, thus future-proofing against changing trends.

Implementing FMS for Growth

Most fleet management systems (FMS) like the one offered by Trinetra, are user-friendly and need little training for stakeholders to implement and use it. Once fully implemented, it helps communication across the company and exchange of relevant data or info. Business leaders will appreciate the impact that FMS software will have on employees, processes and work-flow, when fully prepared and it goes live.

The company should also work with the provider to ensure the software is customised and set up to deliver the right insights and results, to the right people to effectively improve productivity. Providers on the other hand, are constantly improving, updating and innovating their products to integrate systems in a connected world.

The pace of changing trends is now really rapid with introduction of new tech and applications. Telematics has found widespread usage and more so in the transport & logistics industry. Vehicles are connected through networks to the FMS to enable data transmission and communicate directly to the control centre and the managers located anywhere.

The demand for real-time info and seamless access has even filtered down to the customer level, with rising expectations like location tracking, same-day delivery and more. So, the business of fleet operation and transportation need to embrace digital technologies to remain competitive and to future-proof their organisation.


The FMS software, that Trinetra Wireless offers, can be integrated with other systems you use in your fleet business. By means of telematics technology and Data Analytics our FMS software can analyse a cache of data to make it more relevant, valuable, insightful to fleet managers. Decide on the right FMS software that is scalable. Handle operational inefficiencies, identify non-compliance and other discrepancies easily. Address issues effectively and quickly by strategic decision-making and gain higher levels of efficiency.

Our team can arrange for a ‘Demo to any interested person or manager to appraise our FMS software. So, contact our executive team as soon as possible.

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