How GPS vehicle tracking helps in the monitoring of your cold chain logistics

May 18, 2022

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions for the Cold Chain Industry

Over the past many years cold chain management has gained importance in logistics and transportation as our lifestyle has undergone a paradigm shift. The cold chain is a supply chain where temperature control is a critical factor for the shipments in roadways involved. This temperature controlled system involves refrigerated production, storage and distribution. It is supported by facilities, equipment and vehicles that can constantly maintain controlled temperature and conditions uninterrupted.

Why monitoring is critical

Usually suppliers of the cold chain may require to track certain specific types of information regarding temperature or humidity, depending on the type of products they manufacture. The info on temperature and other environmental parameters, like humidity level, can affect the quality and condition of the particular roadway shipment type. GPS technology has been used in monitoring, helping to transmit and receive critical data in real-time. Analysing this data, suppliers and transporters can audit their supply chain process to identify incidents and activities that result in inefficiencies. This is where data logging can be used to make the monitoring and management of the cold chain easier.

Using GPS tech

Transport companies rely on GPS tech to keep a track of shipments in roadways in real-time. This helps them to keep clients informed about the progress of their consignments in transit. In the case of refrigerated truck, temperature sensitive products actually don’t last forever. Therefore, delays in delivery have an impact on the business leading to losses as in the case of certain pharmaceutical and food products.

To ensure the safety and compliance needed in cold chain assets involved in transport and storage, a reliable cold chain temperature monitoring system is vital. Cold chain monitoring telematics devices, combine GPS tacking technology and sensors to ensure critical assets are always monitored and kept in safe condition during transport. Integration of devises with capabilities to monitor temperature humidity and moisture for both indoor and outdoor asset tracking, with detailed fleet management, driver behaviour monitoring and with theft and retrieval solutions is a boon for transport and logistics companies.

Last mile delivery

Many customers like to conveniently get their orders delivered at the doorstep instead of going to the local depot or store to get the products. Transporters are now responding to this need by offering an added service of last mile delivery, which can be tracked with GPS technology. This is the final step in the product’s journey that starts from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s doorstep.

GPS supply chain management is a solution that is an effective supply chain tool to help better visibility, punctuality and certainty of delivery of supplies. In cold chain supply management, it’s important to know the role of human resources. Qualified staff must be employed for cold chain logistics to be successful, involving storage, packaging, handling, condition monitoring and transport.


For cold chain logistics we offer a customisable, reliable fleet management software with telematics technology and Data Analytics. The right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data, ensures safety, security and reliability up to the last mile delivery.

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