GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management Software Solutions For Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry – GPS Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management

Chemical Industries are the prime factors, as they convert raw materials into desired products that we use in our day-to-day life. Various contribution from chemical industry widely takes part in safety activities and sustainability of their transport operations. Numerous enhancement has been implemented as best practices for the safe transport of chemical products. Likewise, many efforts have been made to improve the environmental performance of the logistics operations by minimizing emissions during loading, unloading, and transport. Opportunities for further improvements are continuously being explored in chemical industry.

Trinetra GPS vehicle and hazmat tanker tracking system for chemical industry provides great value & assessment in maintaining business standards by providing multiple notifications and advanced monitoring techniques. Since there is high risk in the vehicles containing chemical gas cylinders, monitoring on the go with adherence to delivery time is key to business success. Trinetra plays a major role with custom specific KPIs, alerts from business rules & deviations, advanced concepts such as customer entry point within timeline and many more on vehicle status. Trinetra’ s real time vehicle & hazmat tanker tracking system smartly keeps the stake holders updated on various information related to their fleets as intelligent reports, this  can be scheduled to their emails which duly reduces human intervention.

Solution Offerings

  • Temperature monitoring of the chemicals transmitted
  • Valve open/close monitoring
  • Panic button for alerting the unforeseen situation
  • Real time information of the vehicle status and location
  • Plan for the shortest and safest route
  • Effectively verify driver behaviour towards the vehicle
  • Third party integration
  • Work order generation

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