Crafting a safety-first culture for your fleets is important

24 May 2019

The factor of safety is not merely a focus on compliance. It is more of developing a safety culture in an organization which may sometimes require a restructuring of the organizational responsibilities and identifying new ways to change employee attitude in the company. In both cases it requires involvement of the executive leadership to put effort in establishing a lasting culture based on safety.

The FMS software can support the management in this effort to establish a safety-first culture. With a fleet management software like that of Trinetra Wireless in place, fleet owners or/and managers will be fed instant updates on every individual vehicle in the fleet, regarding security and safety, besides a host of other inputs, via the GPS enabled monitoring system integrated to it. The fleet tracking system can be supported by a dedicated mobile app which again adds to the safety and security of personnel and the fleets. The system looks at fleet maintenance, which also factors in optimizing vehicle safety and utilization. The tracking and locating of vehicles also contributes to the safety and efficiency of operations.

Driver management is also related to safety, as the cloud-based software, via the GPS monitoring system, can check on ‘harsh’ acceleration, cornering or braking, over speeding and unscheduled stoppages or detour from planned routes or tasks. The feedback from this automated management system and various parameters measured continually can be useful in developing the safety policy for the company or in revamping or upgrading it for trends in vogue. Some of the policies that help is in retaining good drivers to prevent accidents or other disadvantages. Personnel and drivers especially need training or be coached in the safety aspects. Compliance leads to improved road and passenger safety.

Trinetra’s FMS software with telematics tech can give useful insights not only into assets and driver safety but other security aspects including vehicle maintenance and pro-active actions for better management. The app is capable of triggering alerts or useful in generating push notifications or messages for the stakeholders. All this factor in developing the safety-first culture envisaged by the organization that deploys transport or passenger vehicles.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management System will also be capable of generating various reports. This is useful for fleet owners or management to get insights and take informed decisions. The software and related hardware are easy to install and maintain, relatively cost effective and scalable as per requirements. Find out details on our FMS software and app from our website. If interested, please contact us for a demo before signing on a contract. Otherwise simply leave us an enquiry. We’ll contact you in a short time.

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