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Realtime Vehicle tracking

24 June 2019

If the performance of your fleet of vehicles is compromised, then this can result and affect the bottom line of the company. Transport and fleet services are working in a highly competitive market environment with thin margins. Poor performance will also reflect on the ROI of the business. Therefore, to increase the performance of your fleet, get a modern Fleet Management System (FMS) integrated with your system, such as Trinetra Wireless’ award-winning FMS software.

With this kind of software in place fleet owners and managers will get instant updates on every individual vehicle regarding security and safety and a host of other aspects, via the GPS enabled monitoring system. Your FMS can also be empowered by an integrated mobile app, wherein the Fleet managers and other employees can communicate and update on the various ongoing tasks assigned and the work schedule being followed. Critical aspects of Driver Management also get facilitated which leads to better vehicle utilization.

The fleet tracking system and mobile app was developed with security and fleet maintenance in focus. The cloud-based software includes a number of parameters being constantly monitored as vehicles are tracked and located as they go about on their scheduled tasks. Insights into the vehicle’s maintenance and utilization, or the factors involved in fuel usage, such as idling times, harsh driving and optimally planned routes are all taken care of in Trinetra’s user-friendly automated management system. The system is capable of push notifications and alerts that can be set to be triggered. All of this brings real results to improve efficiency and productivity of assets and personnel.

The system is adaptable to mostly any kind of vehicles, be it from rickshaws, cars, vans, trucks to earth moving mobile machinery. The FMS will also be capable of generating various reports that can be very useful to management to take informed decisions verifying on the real results and insights. The system is easy to install and maintain as well relatively cost effective considering the benefits that accrue progressively over time.

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