Effective preventive actions help fleets to increase customer satisfaction

13 Aug 2019

The better fleet management system (FMS) has a GPS tracking system inbuilt in their solution offerings, to ensure the fleet’s efficient functioning and performance, which results for customers in many benefits in the long run.
Trinetra Wireless’ FMS solution is appropriate as it offers many advantages to its users, besides real-time updates and live monitoring of the fleets in operation. The efficient functioning of the fleet is a prerogative to both the fleet operator in terms of RoI and to customers in terms of prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. The FMS software continuously records data that can be consolidated to generate relevant reports at specified periods.
Comprehensive landmark trip sheet reports provide fleet managers with all vital information.  The consolidation of entry and exit data provided for each vehicle give details of the vehicle and duration of the running between locations. It provides duration for the prime locations with exact time and stop duration underwent at each location, besides optimizing journey routes for each vehicle for better fleet utilization.
Based on this report the resources at manager level can track the vehicle, particularly at high priority locations, and they will be able to take effective preventive actions when needed to control delays in travel and delivery. This is what will contribute to customer satisfaction at the end of the day. Managers with the help of the FMS software and GPS tracking system can schedule and track the vehicles throughout the trip. This will enable the managers concerned to maintain delivery schedules by taking effective preventive actions to control delays when it is identified. The trip sheet is capable of capturing a whole lot of information. It can capture driver details and track driver behaviour which is relevant to safety and passenger transportation.
Trinetra’s fleet management solution has GPS installation certification, which is relevant for transport in school and education sector. To learn more about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated mobile app that offers many advantages, please visit the Trinetra Wireless website. Kindly contact us for a demo which would be useful. Otherwise, you can leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you soon.

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