Enhance your fleet operation with the complete fleet management solution

20 Oct 2019

Trinetra Wireless has finished 9 years of its journey and have addressed many requirements of its clientele and enhanced its features for providing better support to every customer. Trinetra has developed products that provide the complete solution i.e. by supplying hardware, software and mobile app integration with end-to-end support.

Customers have benefited greatly by the Trinetra FMS software which addresses maintenance issues, managing fuel costs, automating schedules, tracking moving assets, managing driver behavior and other key factors that affect efficiency and productivity of the business.

Benefits that accrue from an FMS software.

The benefits all add up to improving business efficiency and better ROI. Reports can be automated to ready for reference, analysis and evaluation. Tracking vehicles also add to better safety and compliance to plans. The system improves customer service and satisfaction.

Maintenance scheduling can be automated in the software and maintenance play a role in enhancing fleet productivity. As the fleet logs kilometers, wear and tear sets in and across the entire fleet and if unexpected repairs are not monitored it can add up fast to the costs.

Customizable Fleet Management solutions.

Trinetra offers products that address the need of mobile tracking of workforce and assets, to manage any size of operations. As a specialist in GPS tracking solutions and IoT solutions, the fleet tracking software is the ideal fleet tracking solution that enable fleet managers to connects vehicles assets and the crew effectively.

GPS tech incorporated goes to provide the proper telematics solution and integrated with a mobile application the devices and sensors help gauge idling time, maintenance schedule, trigger notifications and alerts, to improve routing, employee efficiency and monitor safety. Track real-time location of vehicles and geofencing fleet operation if required to improve worker productivity and to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

The web-based software is capable of accessing and assimilate complete fleet data to offer advance reporting to enhance the understanding of fleet managers and owners of their fleets, simultaneously reducing time and costs for them, to enable maximization of vehicle utilization, with full visibility into entire operations.

Trinetra has the GPS installation certification for fleet management solution that is pertinent for transport solutions for the school and education sector. More details on the  Trinetra’s FMS software and the integrated mobile app, which provides many advantages to the user can be read from the Trinetra Wireless website,

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