Subscription for parents by Trinetra FMS provides safety for students’ transportation.

17 Jul 2019

Safety of the travelling adults or children is a concern for operators and members of public associated. More so when students are being transported in school buses where both school authorities as well as parents are strongly concerned about.

The Trinetra Fleet Management System provides a solution along with a useful mobile app, to support the management of school bus transportation of students. The mobile application is user friendly and provides the school management and parents of students with real time updates regarding travel in the school bus through a yearly subscription.

The FMS solution increases the user experience of the school by evolving live status of students in the vehicles on-the-go using telematics. With real-time updates available for the students during the travel the safety of child and passengers in the vehicle is assured.

The GPS tracking system enabled in the FMS solution offers other advantages. The information the mobile app enhances the safety of students in the parents’ perspective. Monitoring driver behaviour is a priority of school authorities and helps them keep an eye to deter any mishaps. The tracking system offers a most loved feature – reliable info of arrival and departure of vehicles and the route taken.

The mobile app further enhanced with useful alerts and notification which are automatically triggered and reaches the parent who has subscribed to it. The school bus fleet operator is also benefited by reduced costs of operations and savings in fuel.

Trinetra’s fleet management solution comes with GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector. To find out about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated app, plus all the advantages you gain, just visit our website. Just contact us online and request for a demo. Otherwise simply leave us an enquiry. We’ll get in touch with you as early as possible.

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