“Empowering transport fleets through data analytics” published in MOTORINDIA.

11 Jan 2021

A leading B2B magazine which focuses on CV segment featured Tinetra Warless’ FMS technology that empowers and benefits transport fleet management with data analytics.

Transportation and logistics is an important growth catalyst and metric of growth in the economy. The sector sees high competition and overcoming the present disruption and challenges as it is nurturing itself back to health.

Motorindia, a leading B2B magazine which focuses on the Commercial Vehicle (CV) segment is one of the most respected and oldest publications having an online presence with an e-Magazine too. In its December issue an article was published on Trinetra Wireless – Empowering transport fleets through data analytics (on Pg 44). It also featured excerpts from the interaction with Mr. Jayaprashanth, the COO and Co-Founder of Trinetra Wireless.

Article focuses on the unique fleet management platform

The article points out how location based telematics and digitized fleet management are a solution to take control of all variables and risk factors for survival and profitability. However standard GPS based telematics systems available may not cater to the specific operational scenarios and priorities of a transporter or fleet owner facing issues in adopting a new system or integrating an existing one into a new platform.

This where Trinetra comes in with its unique approach to telematics and remote fleet management developed in-house. the writer also quotes our COO further in the article on how the company realized when working with customers that an off-the-shelf solution did not answer to dynamic and changing needs of the market. So, to make a difference for customers the company made a customizable solution for the trucking and logistics firms, understanding and adaptive to the operational scenarios and requirements that meet their very different KPIs.

Mr. Jayaprashanth is quoted as saying that the value addition that a product and service provider makes is the real difference. Having done a lot of consulting and solutions mapping Trinetra understands their customer’s process, costs, priorities and pain points before hitting upon a custom solution, the COO said. Please find here the PDF and online link – http://emagazine.motorindiaonline.in/31650/14-12-2020)

In Conclusion

Overall the news focused on the web-based fleet management solution we offer that can automate many tasks and streamline workflow easily using telematics with GPS technology, mobile app integration and data analytics. It also helps managers on-the-go in monitoring driver behavior and compliance, besides being able to GEO-FENCE the fleets route map and operations.

This Fleet Management System (FMS) software, will improve performance and productivity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It can generate relevant data to help improve data analytics and assist in informed decision-making for managers.

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