Providing accurate visibility and transparency on vehicle location and delivery statuses while keeping safety on top

GPS Vehicle Tracking System For Delivery & Service Vehicles

13 Mar 2021

Real-time GPS tracking supports an enhanced customer service, ensures deliveries are on time and allows you to proactively share ETAs with customers

Fleet managers and transport organisations seek accurate details of operations to run their business or service efficiently and profitably. In this digital age where everything is going online, people prefer online systems for most of their tasks in business or otherwise. The same goes for fleet management, logistics and delivery systems. In this industry a real-time GPS tracking system provides accurate visibility and transparency on vehicle location, delivery status and supports deliveries on time. The system also helps to prioritize safety and allows to proactively share ETAs with customers and enhance customer service.

In view of the massive rise of on-demand delivery and in online purchase, an accurate tracking system is definitely required to keep the business going and satisfy customers in a competitive market. A GPS enabled tracking and fleet management system (FMS) can play a vital role in tracking goods and parcels transported by carriers and fleets in real-time. In the case of a fleet of vehicles being used in distribution, as in supply chain management, managers can track the last mile delivery with the help of fleet management software, which also helps to streamline operations for better delivery timelines and results.

How to proactively streamline your operations with FMS software

  • Proper optimization of vehicles, with planning of the routes and proper control on the operations of the fleet, leads to reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • The software helps in on time delivery, customer location arrival and lesser violations.
  • The system can define customer location on the maps and can send alerts whenever their vehicles reach or leave that point of interest plotted.
  • Different types of alerts are available and can be generated on reaching the customer location and whenever violation occurs.
  • Monitoring and tracking in real-time increases driver and fleet productivity.
  • Reduces unauthorized vehicle use during operations and after work hours.
    Enables accurate and faster ETAs for customers.

Advantage of Telematics in FMS

  • Monitor in real-time the movement of assets and store data on history of these assets
  • Track their position/proximity to each other on the map
  • Vehicle dispatch monitored in real-time to improve efficiency of operations
  • System supports data-driven analytics to generate insightful reports
  • Optimizing route map & operations reduces fuel costs, speed up delivery time
  • Improve Driver behaviour and management


  • Accelerate your payment cycle by 40% by quick updates and real-time data
  • Using telematics improves vehicle dispatch and improves efficiency of the operations by simplifying Scheduling with centralized FMS
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17% to 30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts for vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life by 24%

In Conclusion

Trinetra’s web-based fleet management solution uses GPS tech and mobile app integration. It automates many tasks and processes to streamline workflow and electronically monitors moving vehicles and even other mobile assets. This helps managers to work on-the-go, to monitor driver behavior, safety and compliance, besides Geo-fencing fleets on a planned route map. Trinetra’s software incorporates future-ready features and scalability that helps in making a company’s success.

Trinetra Wireless, as a technology partner, with its Fleet Management System (FMS) software facilitates fleet managers and transport operators to perform better, improve processes, cut fuel costs and focus on their core tasks to achieve more goals.

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