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12 Dec 2020

Fleet managers and owners need ways to keep their business competitive, efficient and profitable. By centralizing the related data and running the Fleet Management System (FMS) via a software solution, that keeps you connected to your fleet, you have the best way to stay atop the curve.

Real time functionality of the FMS improves clarity and allows users to efficiently compete tasks. But with the help of FMS Software managers can jumpstart maintenance, keep workflows and resolve issues quickly to reduce downtime.

Benefits of a FMS software solution

  • Reduces manual intervention to save money and time; manpower cost can be cut down by 17% to 30%
  • Improves productivity and optimize the operation by reducing fuel costs
  • It helps monitoring to increase driver and fleet productivity.
  • It can detect and reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.
  • Helps to roll out accurate, faster ETA for customers.
  • Improves dispatch efficiency by simplifying Scheduling for quick dispatch of the vehicle.
  • Provides software triggered alerts on vehicle maintenance that boost vehicle life by 24%
  • Longevity up without the hassle of maintaining manual or written records of all the counts a vehicle is serviced
  • Solution will greatly improve the uptime and efficiency of the fleets

FMS Solutions driven by Technology

  • Facilitate real-time movement of assets; track even immobile assets; store data of the history of these assets and their proximity to each other.
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of operations improved
  • Simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system for quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing a fleet can be cut down by 17 – 30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the vehicle maintenance can boost vehicle life time by 24%
  • Data-driven analytics for insightful Reports

In Conclusion

A web-based fleet management solution can automate many tasks and streamline workflow easily by electronically monitoring the moving and even immobile assets, using telematics with GPS technology and mobile app integration. The technology also helps managers to work on-the-go in monitoring driver behavior and compliance, besides being able to GEO-FENCE the fleets route map and operations. All this is future-ready features and scalability that will pave the way to the company’s success in a more connected digital world.

Trinetra Wireless can help, as a technology partner, the fleet managers to perform better, improve processes, focus on core tasks and achieve more goals. This technology solution as a Fleet Management System (FMS) software, will improve performance and productivity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The FMS can generate relevant data to help improve data analytics and make informed decisions.

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