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24 Jul 2020

During difficult times, like in an economic recession, businesses focus on reducing operating costs and streamlining operations to get through ot. In fleet vehicle management, an efficient Fleet Management System run on a scalable software solution, can play an important role. A fleet management solution with tracking devices, not only prevents theft of assets, but draws out other benefits.

The active monitoring system installed, not only detects misuse during operations, but also activities such as unecessary fuel consumption, which may otherwise easily go unnoticed, which is part of the hidden costs suffered during operations can be controlled.

Typically, a standard fleet management solution with the fundamental features used by the logistics and transportation company, have analytical reports to identify and reduce the hidden costs and other expenses. Trinetra Wireless provides a market leading solution with specific add-ons, depending on the industry the company operate and the pain points being addressed.

This fleet management software with Industry-specific solutions are reliable, robust and intelligently developed or customized to satisfy the client. The software application helps to proactive fleet monitoring to constantly identify ideas for cost saving and improvements.

One way of controlling costs is to evaluate the key performance indicators (KPI) of the company to improve performance. Let us explore areas of Hidden Costs here.

Driver Behaviour & Monitoring. The monitoring technology (enabled by GPS tech) can help to record driver behavior and identify issues to be rectified or modified, like speeding, excessive idling, or vehicle abuse. Driver behavior can be corrected or modified for the benefit the company. Another factor is monitoring accurate time reporting of operators, as accurate reporting results in labour cost savings.

Downtime of Assets. Managers striving to improve utilization also consider the turnaround time of vehicles for maintenance and repair. There is also cost in the case of warranty and repairs and to support claims.

Overhead Cost of System. When adopting the vehicle management system, consider data integration and automation as it is important because it adds to overhead costs and affects the change management process. It offers better insights for fleet and maintenance managers to make informed decisions critical to streamline operations to help cut costs and wastage besides the budgets.

Geo-Fencing Advantage. The FMS solution can use Geo-fencing to monitor and restrict movement of vehicle on routes. It provides reports with specific data to improve vehicle & driver performance, control maintenance and fuel costs in the mileage done.

Our fleet management solutions uniquely developed can be utilized on fleets of all sizes. Fleet owners and managers who prefer a modern fleet management system, can choose Trinetra FMS which runs data management enabled by telematics and mobile apps. Kindly contact us for your fleet management  needs, or go over website for more information.

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