Location Intelligence through Geo Zones makes all the difference in Fleet Management Software

Geofence Monitoring For Fleet Management

17 Feb 2022

Modern technology gets incorporated into fleet management very quickly as the transport & logistics industry adopts innovations to open up opportunities in new revenue streams, for improving efficiency & productivity, enhancing security and the ROI. The fleet industry uses location intelligence & geo zones with GPS technology to accurately navigate their vehicles and also use the location data generated. It can be used in a variety of contexts to manage risk and improve safety and security. It can also improve accuracy and efficiency in a supply chain.

The data obtained is information about the specific geographical area of a device or an asset usually collected and tracked by the GPS enabled device using network connectivity. This also applies to a wide range of other devices and assets including vehicles, containers, shipping cargo, etc. Companies are using this technology for customer connections, compliance and even employee safety. This technology also helps in geofencing and mapping Geo Zones. As Geofencing is form of location intelligence using GPS, these are virtual geographic boundaries or fences around a physical area which are used for monitoring and tracking purposes.

The geofencing market is developing very fast and not surprisingly it has great potential in future. As geofencing doesn’t require custom hardware, it instead uses software that is integrated into any app and is managed via an online API or dashboard. If deployed properly it can be useful in analysis, research, business intelligence and even emergency services.

Multiple uses of Geofencing and GPS tracking

Trinetra Wireless has a GPS enabled Fleet Management System application that is accessible online and empowered by the mobile app. It enables Geofencing that improves fleet operations in many terms, such as receiving and sending timely alerts/notifications following unauthorized activity, helps collecting and analyzing travel specific data to improve fleet efficiency, prevents operation overlap and many others.

Geofencing helps establish Geo Zones to trigger alerts on entry and exit of the specified location or area. It also restricts the vehicle entry to unauthorized locations or destinations. It reduces costs by avoiding unauthorized trips and detour. The software helps in route planning, reduces fuel cost, enables high security, such as students’ and drivers’ safety in bus transportation. GPS Monitoring improves safety by making drivers more responsible and accountable for driving behavior by checking over speeding or acceleration and harsh breaking or turning.

Go for the flexible Customizable Fleet Management Solution

Trinetra’s fleet management system is customizable for various transportation as it is an internet-based Fleet management software solution with mobile app integration, video telematics and GPS tech. It gives insights needed to tackle operational challenges in the present scenario and future. The mobile application helps users to work on-the-go and in real-time. The FMS application empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to realize their full potential. It helps to achieve goals, improve processes and cut costs, freeing up time for managers to spend on core tasks and planning. This vehicle tracking & fleet management system automates many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules, helps streamline workflow and scale up operations. With Geofencing and location intelligence, this is your dependable fleet management solution and we are your technology partner, beside you in progress and in challenging times.

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