GPS Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Software Solutions For Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

In today’s hectic world, both School Administration and Parents are concerned about the safety and security of the school children especially with respect to their journey in the school buses or vans. Transporting children to and from school requires a great deal of logistics and scheduling.

Trinetra’s school bus tracking system assists the transport manager to dispatch and guide a school bus to the required spot reducing down time. Real time display of the bus travel can give added advantages of reporting delays to parents waiting for their children. The operator can also get reports on overtime, vehicle usage, route information, identify logistical inefficiencies and record the travel.

Trinetra can help lower costs and make the drivers more accountable. Improving on late arrivals can reduce down time and parent complaints.

Solution Offerings

  • Track the movement of school buses anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor unauthorized trips into entry restricted areas
  • RFID integration to track the entry & exit of students
  • Report location of the student to parents
  • Avoid reporting delays to parents
  • Respond better during bus breakdowns
  • Identification of aggressive driving habits
  • Manage fleet maintenance schedules efficiently
  • Alerts through email & SMS for violations
  • Alerts via email & SMS for student’s entry/exit
  • High quality digital mapping to display bus route & stops
  • Intelligent reports on fleet utilization and much more


  • Enhanced students security & vehicle safety
  • On time arrival at bus stops
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased operational performance
  • Identify misuse of school buses
  • Effective fleet management
  • Efficient driver behaviour monitoring
  • Extended vehicle life
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