How to keep your vehicle in prime condition with Proactive Maintenance

vehicle in prime condition with Proactive Maintenance

14 Mar 2022

Proactive maintenance is a solution resorted to by fleet operators and transport companies, but is different from reactive maintenance and preventive maintenance. It attempts to identify the root causes and fix the equipment failures. By making it part of your maintenance plan, it would result in substantial cost savings for your fleet and operations.

Reap the benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance helps you in maintenance operations. A good proactive maintenance plan can support to improve overall maintenance operations of the fleet. It is imperative to know where you spend money the most – on inventory, labour and downtime. Use this system to discover the root cause and make changes as required. For instance, changes to vendors, training, equipment, co-ordination between departments and so on, can lower costs and improve equipment or vehicle utilization to the optimum. To keep up with competitors and maintain growth statistics, fleet companies need an effective proactive maintenance program to keep vehicle & equipment running in prime condition and maximize uptime.

Nevertheless, to successfully do this you must have a system to link your assets together and keep track of everything, right from inventory use to the man-hours spent on maintenance. A good maintenance module like that provided in Trinetra Wireless’ Fleet Management System, will surely put you on the right track. There a focus on solving this problem to Increase the vehicle lifespan, reduce vehicle downtime and get maximum output. The solution also helps preplanning and budget allocation

Get ready for the future

Therefore, proactive maintenance will allow you to keep your fleet in prime condition and identify the faults. Reduce ambiguity about the length of the delay due to unplanned repairs with this system. When a maintenance job is properly planned, technicians have time to learn standard procedures and safety requirements to get the job done correctly. This will help your maintenance managers plan for the future challenges in a competitive market scenario. Even when fleet become electric, the customizable software with analytics and IoT capability will keep proactive maintenance relevant.

Trinetra’s fleet management system is a future-ready software solution, customizable for various transportation needs, as it is an internet-based fleet management software solution with mobile app integration, video telematics with GPS and Geofencing tech incorporated. It gives insights needed to tackle operational challenges in the present scenario and in future too. The mobile application helps users to work on-the-go, in real-time and communicate with all stakeholders.

To Conclude

The FMS application empowers fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies to realize their full potential. The modules incorporated helps to achieve goals, improve processes and cut costs, freeing up time for managers to spend on core tasks and planning. This vehicle tracking & fleet management system automates many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features and modules, helps streamline workflow and scale up operations. With Geofencing and location intelligence, this application is your dependable fleet management solution and we are your technology partner, right beside you in progress and in challenging times.

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