Use information generated by the connected world to discover ways to become increasingly efficient in fleet management

25 Nov 2020

Transport managers, fleet owners and operators of fleet leasing business are in constant look-out for ways to prioritize, efficiency, customer satisfaction, user experience and increasing capacity by using technologies and software.

Digitization helps fleet managers to cut down the daily manual and data entry tasks, helping them to focus on core business and making key, strategic decisions that can impact on expansion and growth. Find out how by automating via a Fleet Management software, it helps managers to electronically monitor, track and guide their vehicles & drivers on-the-go, from a remote station or central location.

Robust Solutions driven by Technology

Trinetra Wireless can help as a technology partner to help manage performance to improve processes and achieve other goals. This technology solution comes as a Fleet Management System (FMS) software, will improve performance and productivity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The FMS with the use of telematics can generate relevant data to help improve processes and operations.

Benefits Derived via FMS

  • An FMS solution can automate many processes to reduce manual intervention, to save money and time.
  • It helps improve productivity and optimizing the operations and also reduce fuel costs.
  • It helps to increase driver and fleet productivity.
  • It can detect and reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.
  • Roll out accurate, faster ETA for customers.
  • Vehicle dispatch efficiency can be improved by Simplifying Scheduling and quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost can be cut down by 17% to 30%
  • Software triggered alerts on vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life by 24%
  • Solution will greatly improve the uptime and efficiency of the fleets


Right from tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling, the Trinetra FMS software has everything needed to get the best out of vehicles, drivers and support teams. With mobile app enablement, and GPS tracking system integrated, the web-based application connects digitally and controls the vehicle operations effectively over vast territories.

The FMS solution with data analytics and a host of features like Geo-Fencing, aids managers or fleet owners to manage their vehicles and drivers at their fingertips helping them to direct their efforts effectively to reduce costs and for the growth of the business or service.

It is critical to invest in technologies and systems to continuously evolve and stay ahead of modern demands or overcome disruptive scenarios. It is crucial for digitizing business activities in today’s competitive world, offering more add-on services and to satisfy the expectations of the demanding customers or clients.

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