Optimize fleet management and scheduling to gain significant time and cost savings

28 Jun 2020

Fleet operators generally use a fleet management solution with real-time location and geo-fencing features with scheduling. Schedulers can monitor the vehicle locations along with the driving and rest times of the drivers in real time, which helps them to plan more efficiently. In addition to this, fleet managers can save time with the automatic functions of a driver RFID card. The connected system can store the needed data automatically, so manual entry is no longer necessary. All this can lead to significant time and cost savings for the fleet operator.

Fleet scheduling enables you to identify and send updates before a potential issue becomes a problem, thereby assisting to make proper customer service practical in real time. A comprehensive fleet optimizing report allows effective planning and is enhanced by integration with other tools and the mobile app.

RFID Technology. There are many technology solutions and software applications available in the market to automate many processes, for fleet managers, especially those done manually. The RFID driver card identifies the driver assigned to the vehicle and to monitor what time the drover comes in for or goes out of his workday. It can also trigger alerts, such as SMS notification, in case of any discrepancies.

GPS technology solution helps in tracking vehicles for Route Planning and Optimization of the Route. This optimization helps maximize fleet and resource utilization. Scheduling and route planning will improve the service and productivity, thereby reducing running costs and also the negative environmental impact of the vehicle, such as emissions.

Fleet Tracking & monitoring system. Fleet companies in transportation & logistics that perform large-scale operations, but have a specific area to serve, are benefited by FMS with GPS to keep drivers and their vehicles tracked, plus keep them within the defined area. It ensures vehicles don’t travel out of the area, because if they do so, it will cost you more in terms of fuel, time, maintenance, etc. The FMS system can recourse to Geo-fencing to monitor and restrict ground movement of driver and vehicle as desired.

The report obtained can provide specific data to improve your vehicle & driver’s performance and will also help improve customer satisfaction or relations. It can also have info related to the maintenance of the vehicles and help with service schedules. The system runs data management that’s enabled by telematics and mobile apps, to draw out better insights for fleet managers and maintenance managers and for making informed decisions on critical procedures.

We help to proactively monitor the fleet to constantly identify ideas, improvements and cost savings opportunities. So, fleet operators opt for FMS software to track vehicles, streamline operations, cut cost of expensive maintenance, to optimize routes & the travel time and limit speeds for safety. Our FMS solutions are uniquely and can be utilized on fleets of all sizes and is suitable for structured companies. Therefore, fleet owners and management professionals prefer to adopt a modern fleet management system, but GPS enabled, like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless which works effectively to streamline operations and their budgets, to help cut costs and wastage besides improving the ROI. Whatever your fleet management  needs, kindly contact us or go over our website for more information.

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